Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The smell of summer.

Back again today with another corn creation this time a Lavender pomander.

This little corn creation holds a net of lavender inside and smells amazing.  I love lavender and grow it in quantity and different varieties in my garden.  This week some has even been cut and is presently drying in the conservatory, which smells lovely just now....achieving two jobs in one!
I think these will look great on the Christmas tree with winter spices like orange, cinnamon and clove. Mmmm another gift idea!

All go on the demonstration front here today with a break for dooking later.  I have glitter everywhere!  Ho, ho, ho!
My eldest is in the room next to me playing the drums just now which does nothing for the creative process.....when do they go back?!  LOL.
The joys.
Have a super Wednesday.


Hazel said...

Erikacanother fabulous make, I can justbsmellmthat lavender!! You are so right they would look and smell great on the tree.
Our schools go back the 14th August, but yours came off a bit later than ours.

Hazel xxx

Unknown said...

Another gorgeous corn creation, bet your house smells delightful. Keep them coming.


cuilliesocks said...

Another beautiful corn project, love lavender myself, and always have it in my burner. I could do with a dook just now, enjoy yours, Kate x

Kat said...

This looks lovely Erika and would be a lovely gift or to keep and hang on the tree if you can't part with it. I love lavender too. Unfortunately it doesn't always survive the winter here!

You must have had a better day than us. We've had some nasty showers. Wet dogs here.....yuk!!

Kat xx