Thursday, July 04, 2013

Come on the Murray!

Hi folks and no post from me yesterday as I got side tracked, whoops.  Who was to blame?  Well it was this chap of course.....

What a brilliant match.  I was on the edge of my seat.  So very sorry bloggers but watching the tennis distracted me after work and walking the dog.  I wasn't going to watch it but some how got hooked and I thought it was only the crochet hook that had my attention just now. 
Watching the tennis reminds me of when I was in the Navy, I applied to do the marshalling at Wimbledon whilst serving and was appointed to centre court!! 
Now I must explain I am not the biggest fan of tennis as I can't play it for toffee but I thought it would be a good life experience.  I was all ready to go down to London when I got a new posting in to a different base.  When I arrived at the base the main exercise I was involved in ran over the same period as the Wimbledon competition and so to cut a long story short I was banned from going!!
I always wonder what it would have been like but guess I'll never know.
Still that is not stopping me following Murray and wishing him all the very best for the up coming semi's.

I'm going to leave you today with a inspirational quote rather than a card as I have a long list of bespoke cards sat here waiting to be made and I better crack on.
The kids also break up from school tomorrow, where did that term go, so I better come up with a teachers gift and card too. in this house!
Enjoy your Thursday.  I'm off to try and be creative!  x


Juls said...

Humungeous tennis fan myself!!!! Even tho I can't play 4 toffee!!!!!! Gr8 quote hugs Juls

Kirsti said...!!!

Hope you're impressed my teacher cards and gifts were done a fortnight my neighbours and my sister-in-laws!!

Enjoy the holidays Erika..may have a day trip up for a visit!!