Monday, July 15, 2013

A little something for you whilst I'm having fun!

Oooh what am I up to?!
It's crafty....and that's all I'm saying at this point.
I thought I'd leave you with this today whilst out and about having fun.

Barbara mentioned something on Friday about this......calling them crafty plasters.
I like the idea of "crafty plasters" and lets face it every now and again they come in handy but shhhh, don't tell anyone!

What's your favourite crafty plaster?


cuilliesocks said...

Love it Erika, and how true, have a great day, Kate xx

Kat said...

Love the idea of a crafty plaster Erika. I'm sure we've all used them.

Kat xx

Patricia said...

Good evening Erika,
I hope your day out and about went well.
I take it you live in the North East of Scotland that you managed to The Papeterie. I am in Perthshire
I need some of those Plasters

Patricia xxx

Hazel said...

Your crafty plasters sound just about right for those little blips.