Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How about a bit of country glory?

Morning, bit misty here today but it will hopefully clear later.  I think it looks like we are getting the better weather today with a lot of areas of the UK getting rain.  Mind you it is needed after all this beautiful weather.

What did you think about yesterdays exciting news?
A prince is born!
I heard the announcement of the impending birth going into work yesterday morning but how did they manage to keep it quiet for four hours?  A quiet moment for mum, dad and baby.  I think it is fab and I wouldn't say I'm a royalist at all.  Now what will he be named.....George seems to be the favourite at the bookies.  I would like to see Spencer in there somewhere for Williams mum.  Maybe Phillip after Granddad or Louis after Lord Mountbatten?  Will Andrew feature after meeting at St Andrews? 
Only time will tell.  I do hope they stay traditional and don't go for something trendy or too unusual.  I'm sure they will.
Lets hope they all get to go home very soon and announce the babies name, then they can be left in peace to adjusted to becoming a family unit.

Back to crafting and I did have to smile when I read the name of this next corny creation. 
It is a Country glory braid. 
If you don't smile than you have a better mind than me.  LOL.

In history these plaits/corn dollies were used to decorate pew ends during Harvest festivals.  They can be displayed either way up and are made with a simple hair plait technique.  Mine is a little wobbly on the plait but I am happy with it.

Today I shall be mostly be starting some work for my demonstration in Aberdeen on Sunday.  I shall be taking advantage of the fog just now and maybe get out later once it lifts.  Enjoy your Tuesday and happy crafting! 


Hazel said...

Erika, another great corn dollie, if only I could plait as well as you.

Churches must have looked amazing years ago with all these beautiful corn dollies being displayed.

Hazel xx

cuilliesocks said...

Another lovely creation Erika, these are really lovely and would make super gifts, Kate x

Lau W said...

This is a superb creation !
Here, in June, there is a tradition. Must pick seven strands of wheat, and keep it all the year, and they say that money will always be present in the house. We will not necessarily more, but it will remain stable...
I think it's pleasant to see such a decoration in the house ;-)
Have a nice day !
Oh, i hope that the prince will have a sweet name :-)

Unknown said...

Another beautiful dollie, Erika. Bet the churches look gorgeous decorated withthem.

Wilma x x x