Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A little light on the subject.

Hello folks and how are you this Wednesday evening?
All I can say now is "well, today didn't turn out as planned!"
It started normally, getting the boys up and out for school.  Once the house was empty of male members the dog and I went for our morning walk along the beach.  It wasn't a bad morning considering some of Scotland was forecast snow yesterday.  Hat, scarf, coat and gloves and I was fine and toasty with the added bonus it was dry and clear.
Once back I caught up with a program I had taped whilst having breakfast, then pottered around but before I knew it hubby was home and he took me out for lunch at Allarburn Farm shop.
I can thoroughly recommend the shop for lunch, great VFM and homemade products, just head in early as the cafe can get very busy over lunchtime.
This was followed by a trip to the auctions where we left bids for four items.  I have since got a phone call to say we won two, whoop, whoop.  Shame about the third and fourth items though as I really wanted them, we had argued about the price to leave and I had wanted to put on more than we did.  It will be interesting tomorrow to find what the other items went for, better still, we better not as hubby will hate me saying, "I told you so!"
On the upside he has a great box of new to him tools which means he can get more jobs done at home.  I also have a lovely old mirror to alter.
This was then followed by a bit of shopping which included new fire baskets (our old ones are on their last legs!) and some bits and bobs for Christmas.
Needless to say I didn't get the crafting done that I had planned as by the time we got home it was time to pick up the kids and start tea and homework.  On the kid front I was impressed with my youngest child's school reports last night, a couple of areas to work on but on the whole the feedback was very encouraging as he settles into big school.

I just had to show you one of my purchases, I could not resist!

Aren't they cute.  Little gingerbread men cutters with lights!
I have hubby working on a wooden pelmet to cover the top of my blind (Pinterest has a lot to answer for!) in the kitchen and I thought I could put these on them in the run up to Christmas.

The other new I have for you.....remember last week's entry to the Less is More Challenge blog, you can see it here.
Would you Adam and Eve it, I only won a prize.  I don't very often enter challenges with work commitments, crafty work and usually "mummy stuff" so I was tickled pink to do so especially as it was their 300th celebration.
Thank you so much ladies you have fairly made my day.  

Sorry nothing crafty to share today I've just been sat repeating yesterday's card with my Misti in the hope I do have a few handmade cards to send next month.
Tomorrow is another day and I am not working so I do hope to fit a little crafting around the this space.

Take care folks and before I go I must just add GOOD LUCK to America after today's results.
Oh me, oh my what have ya'll done!
Lets hope it is good news and not bad but I can't help feeling it will be more doom and gloom than joy and happiness.  Only time will tell.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

A full day by the sounds of it, I bet you're ready to put your feet up now.
I love the little cookie cutter light strand, so cute and will look so pretty for Christmas while you're baking in the kitchen.
Hope you manage some crafty time tomorrow, take care.

Barb said...

What a busy day you've had but it all sounds fun. First Congratulations on your win. Now you'll have to decide what to spend it one - decisions, decisions!!!

I love the little gingerbread cutter lights. I've never seen anything like that before. They'll look lovely at Christmas. I enjoy going out for lunch and glad you won two of the items you left bids on. We used to go to auctions every week as a hobby a few years ago. It can be quite exciting even if it's not for big bucks. Talking of bucks, yes that was a shock. I really believed Hillary would win. Hope you have some time to craft tomorrow. Whatever you do enjoy your day. Barbxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
sounds like you had a brilliant day.
Love your wonderful buy and it its going to lokk fab.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi there Erika, gosh what a full day you had, but a good one by the sounds of it. Well done of your little man's report.
Also well done on your win. Love the little lights they are so sweet.
I was interested and very cynical to hear Trumps accentance speech, so like our PM's about making it a country for all, which it isn't. But at least I don't feel as if we will be plunged into ww3. Just have to wait and see what he does.
Kate x