Monday, June 29, 2015

Not at all prickly, hooking style of course. A taste of Scotland.

Good afternoon, hang on a minute, where has my morning gone?
Or as my kids would say, "there was my morning, gone!"

In my defence, the dog has had a lovely walk, although the weather is not as wonderful as forecast.  It is warm and dry but very cloudy, however it really looks like at any moment a good downpour of rain will come.  Washing in or washing out that is the question?
The decisions I have to make!

Hasn't the news been terrible over the last few days, those poor people in Tunisia, France and Kuwait.
What is happening to the world, do we never learn?
Throughout history the human race just keep making the same mistakes over and over.
Oh to leave in peace and harmony!
My thoughts go out to those affected by the recent events, walking on our beach alone with the dog this morning really made me feel for them especially the people holidaying in Tunisia, half naked running for cover not knowing what on earth was going on.

Back to my little world....I've also been baking this morning, oh, how I love to help my waistline!
I have millionaire's shortbread cooling in the fridge as we speak.  Hopefully it will have set by the time my wee man comes home for lunch.  A wee treat!
This week I have a few card orders to get on top of before the children break up for the summer on Thursday.  I also have a couple of teachers gifts I'd like to make.  I was playing over the weekend with this....

 A thistle.
One of my son's teachers is Egyptian and has just been at the school for a year so I thought a little touch of Scotland would make a good end of term gift.  I think I might try it on a slightly smaller hook, it is about 3 1/2" long.
I found the pattern on the wonderful Pinterest, thanks Receita for sharing.

That's all from me today, this week in my world it is all about getting on top of everything before the holibobs start.  Enjoy your Monday, more craftiness from me tomorrow.


Patricia said...

Good evening Erika,
What a wonderful gift, I just love it.
Now, I am so stupid as far a the computer and technology is concerned.
Pinterest is a total mystery to me. I get on to it but that's as far as I can go.
As far as the world goes, it's in a right mess.
It's what the young ones are going to inherit that worries me!!
Patricia xxx

karenlotty said...

I have to agree with you The world has gone mad
The gift of a thistle is a lovely idea for the teacher from Egypt I don't think you need to make it smaller because this size would be lovely to hang on a door or something (save yourself some work!)

Lau W said...

This is a beautiful creation, fab gift !!!
Have a nice day, 32° here ohhhhh !!