Saturday, August 30, 2014

Have you taken the challenge?

I thought I'd share this funny picture with you today whilst I'm busy at work.
Have you done the recent ice bucket challenge?
My husband and boys have but so far I have been lucky.
There have been some real funny ones and great to make us aware of various charities and good causes.
It seems now that, due to water shortages in some countries, it is becoming a sore point when some do not even have good quality drinking water.  Or is that just me?
We are lucky in Scotland as rain is a regular occurrence, that being so I saw this which pretty much sums it up.

I can see the issue from both sides.  At the end of the day it is all about choice, anything that helps charities increase awareness and hopefully help in raising funds, surely is a good thing? Don't you think?
I shall still be donating to charity, my choice ALS as that is where this whole bucket challenge started.  Another freedom of choice matter, you can give to which ever charity is close to your heart.

I have looked like the folk in this picture a couple of times already this week especially after walking the dog.

Enjoy your weekend.  x


Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
yes you are right there is no need for the bucket challenge there, and leaving the house can be dangerous, as I think this bucket challenge is.
I'm sure there are far better ways of
advertising your charity cause.
I lived in South Wales for a number of years and some days leaving the house was similar, but not quite as cold, because it rains quite a lot there, no water shortages that we have experienced in my part of Kent some summers.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Hazel said...

Good one Erika, I have even got like that getting Beth from school to the car, which is always had to be parked a fair bit from the school- good Exercise but you get really wet. Yes we are lucky that we have water to waste but yes it's something we should take care with. We also to choose to do the challenge or not, and even give to charity or not. I haven't had to do it, but wouldn't anyway but yesterday the Salvation Army were collecting at Tesco, I always give to them but yesterday I put more in. They do really good work and help so many. Hazel xx

ForgedinPaper said...

That picture is spot on for this week August is leaving with a bang and not of sunshine. I've seen some inventive ice bucket challenges conserving water as well and the money raised will help the charities who receive it.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, hope your day at work went quickly and your home to enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

I haven't done the challenge although some of my friends have, I just wouldn't do it, even for charity. Good luck if you do it, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Good morning Erika,
Yep!! could have got like that here the other day ...... I chose to stay indoors. I donated to my a charity of my choice rather than participating I don't do getting "wet" or "cold" and that combines BOTH.
Have a great weekend

Patricia xx