Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm a material girl!

Evening all.
How are you this fine evening, hasn't it been a beautiful day?  Far too good to be inside blogging.
I had a good day at work today and am in again for another extra shift tomorrow.
I'm just thinking of that fancy new sewing machine!

Back to today and did you guess what colour I was going to use on my doggy quilt?

I choose the green, which does go really well, it just doesn't appear to in this photograph.  It will be bright and cheerful, that's for sure.

After getting home from work I have been catching up on the usual jobs and tea, then I've had a good chat with my family.  Where does the day go?!

I hate to be rude but the British Bake off has also just started so I am away to drool at the TV wishing I brought treats home from work earlier.
Enjoy the rest of your "hump" day, catch you late again tomorrow night with some more crafty fun.
Take care and happy crafting.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, fab material, it's going to make a lovely blanket, enjoy your programme, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Brilliant I love the beautiful colours, I am sure the dog will love it as well.
Oh! Erika I had a look at that Sewing Machine it is a pure dream.
I am not really a telly watcher, might just pop in to see what they are baking tonight.

Patricia xx

scrappymo! said...

You will have the best dressed dog blankie ever! The front is so pretty and this vibrant backing is perfect for it. I see the bones have little green hearts at the the green is a great choice!

Hazel said...

Your blanket is going to look great. I only hope to don't get to disappointed if Hollie ( I think that's her name forgive me if I am wrong ). Doesn't take to it. You know dogs there much prefer something of your to lie on!!! Love watching the Bake Off to. Felt sorry for Iain.
As for taking dies back ( from Patricia's blog). I have taken two back. Even used wax paper . The Shop even couldn't them to cut. Hazel xx

Lau W said...

Cool ! you have an happy dog, sure !! He will love it !!