Monday, August 04, 2014

And the race is on!

Good evening all, another late post from me today.  I'm getting later and later but it is just too nice out to be sat in on the computer.

Did you have a good weekend?

I had an eventful day at work Saturday and just couldn't get on top of things, but then some days are just like that and all you can do is your best and hand over to the later shift.

Yesterday I popped over to my BFF's house and helped her with decorating her playroom, we had lots of fun together and put the world to rights at the same time.  I do enjoy painting.
On the afternoon it was the raft race at Lossiemouth, my eldest was working but we took my youngest over for a wee lookie and an ice-cream.  It was very busy!
I thought I would share a few photographs.  The race starts at the bridge that you cross to the sands, it heads along the river as if out to sea before turning around a buoy and heading back to the start.
This first raft won the race....bunch of pirates!

They were so far in the lead but as they came around the buoy and back amongst the other rafts, a bit of sabotage was going on!  This is usually the throwing of water bombs, flour and rotten eggs to name but a few weapons, all in good fun of course!

Then came Santa and his elves followed closely by the Vikings. (I think!)  Lots of throwing of weapons going on here.

 This raft was a little bananas!

Some didn't make it to the buoy and abandoned ship, choosing to swim around pushing the raft. That must of been harder but in their defence, they were swimming and paddling against the tide at this point and going nowhere.

A couple jumped ship altogether and just enjoyed a swim instead!
Now for the bigger picture, can you see all the folk watching, it was heaving!

Ever felt that sinking feeling?!   Abandon ship!
Nope lets just keep going and see how far we can get.

Now it was time to head back with the tide after finding the buoy.

All hands on deck as Santa offers a helping hand.
Dur dum, dur's JAWS!  (The tannoy system even played the music!)

Now finally to my favourite raft, and yes, you can have a favourite.

It's the Smurfs!  Great costumes and raft.

All in all I think everyone had good fun.  There were plenty of stalls and the fairground to entertain.
This is an annual event and is always lots of fun to watch and participate in.  I haven't personally but my other half did many years ago, they had cannons on their raft, attacking the rest!

Back to today and hubby and I had a day out in Inverness collecting a few bits and bobs to finish off rooms we've decorated.  I also managed to do a little girlie shopping and of course it would be rude not to craft shop too.  Can you guess what I bought this time?
I'll share with you tomorrow.
I'm away now to pop and see my pal and maybe get in a little more painting.  Catch you tomorrow.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Looks loads of fun Erika, great photos, thanks for sharing, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Oh! What! Fun! I would have loved to have been there.
Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures.
Hope the painting went well

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Erika, what great photos you can see what fun was being had by all. Oh craft shopping now there is so much new dies etc out at the moment so you could have bought any thing. Enjoy your day. Hazel xx