Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My new niffy tool is the cherry on the cake.

Good afternoon and another none crafting post from me today.
As we have had rain showers today my ironing is all done and dusted.
If it wasn't for band practice tonight I might have even started some crafting!

Now some might find this a little sad but I bought a super wee tool from Lakeland Plastics in Inverness earlier in the week.
At the time hubby looked at me with a quizzical face asking why, but he never prepares this fruit and doesn't understand the joy it brings.  Both my boys think it is fab and have had great fun playing with it.

The picture sort of gives it away with the fruit in full view. 
It's a cherry stoner!
Why have I not bought one before now?
I love fresh cherries and hate stoning them or having to retrieve the stone whilst eating them.  This handy little tool pops the stone out the bottom, job done, leaving a practically whole cherry.  
I love it.  Now if only cherries were a little cheaper!
You've got to love a good gadget that does exactly what it says it will with minimum fuss and cleaning.

As to the yarn I showed you yesterday I am thinking of trying a blanket for the winter months.  I only need to find a pattern or design I would like to try.

I'm afraid that is all from me today.  The summer holidays really do put a dampener on crafty inspiration with the constant droning of "Mum!"  LOL.  
You've just got to love them!

More from me tomorrow.  x


Unknown said...

Well Erika according to mr google he couldn't post my blog, well yes in a way it one of my cakes but this one is a jack Daniels one. It's now guess the artist? Yes shock with groom more for my boss she now has to find someone to do the horses for a year. They have two big 17.2 and 17.6 hand horses Anna's and Beth's ponies and little Shetland and I don't do horses so it's going to be fun at work . We still can't work out if she didn't know or just didn't want to say she split up with her partner a good while ago. Any way as for you cherry stoner great thing I had one years ago goodness knows where it went we moved so much in those days, I got mine in Germany. Your blanket will be lovely in those colours.
Hazel xx

Kat said...

I think I'd like a cherry stoner too. Maybe it would stop me get covered in cherry juice. Trouble is I can't go into Lakeland in Aberdeen or shop online without spending a fortune!

Kat xx

cuilliesocks said...

Good Evening Erika, love the cherry stoner, I've never seen this before and I'm a lakeland girl. When I find cherries going cheap I always buy some for Alistair as they are good for hlpng to prevent gout, which my poor hubby gets from time to time and it is so painful.
Are you going to crochet the blanket? it will be gorgeous in those colours, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Oooo!! A nice blanket looking forward to seeing that.
If you get a nice pattern will you let me know please??
Wish I had read your Blog before I went to Perth. I would have gone into Lakeland there for one of these Cherry Stoners. I love cherries but hate the stones.
School holidays don't half play havoc with crafting!!!! Especially the paper kind. That's why I have reverted to Crochet and knitting, I can do that sitting in the evening.
However I have really enjoyed the time spent with J, A & the boys, would not have missed that for the world.

Patricia xx

scrappymo! said...

I knew it was a cherry stoner as I lived in the semi arrid Okanagan valley for a bout 10 years...and that is where BC's cherries are grown. Both the regular canning ones and the sour cherries for cherry pies.

My Mum and my sister still live is even hotter than the lake where we keep the RV. Too hot for me at times. August especially.

Have fun crocheting your blanket!

Hope you find a good deal on cherries!

ForgedinPaper said...

Best invention ever. I have a LO of my youngest using it while wearing my sunglasses. Enjoy!