Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Instead of Spam, spam, spam, how about jam, jam, jam?!

Good afternoon, how are you this Tuesday?
Haven't the storms been dreadful?
Luckily we fared better than most but the road ours leads on to is still shut due to a hole.  Scary!

Today I am sharing this.....

It's that time of the year again!
We went fruit picking on Sunday and got rather a lot of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and peas.  Strange combination!
I have frozen some for desserts, baking and smoothies and then made some raspberry jam.  It has got to be the easiest jam to make but what a mess it makes when your pan isn't as big as it should be!  Whoops.
The recipe should be fruit and sugar in equal quantities plus the juice of a large lemon, boiled till setting temperature (105c).  I like to play around with it by reducing the sugar till the jam is quite sharp, 'cause that's the way I like it.  Ahar!
It probably won't be everyone's cup of tea but the beauty of making it for the family is to make it how I want to.
My lesson from this years jam session, next year I think I might just have to invest in a proper jam making pan with high sides and therefore the sticky mess will be averted!
My tags are made using SU stamp set Friendship preserves and the matching dies.

I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday, it is a bit dreich here but much better than it was yesterday.
I'm away now to get some paint to finish my hall, the velux window has been refitted properly and the new plasterboard is sanded ready for paint.  What colour to go?!  MMMMM.
Catch you tomorrow.  x


scrappymo! said...

That looks delicious! I like my jam sharp too.I have not made jam in many years...we used to live where the soft fruits in ?BC are grown. It is semi arrid and is called the Okanagan. It is very popular with tourists due to the hot weather, a 90 mile lake with water warm enough to swim in and huge sandy beaches...but not like yours. Beaches chock full of people!
I like yours much better! DH is busy planning our next trip to the UK and has Scotland on the itinerary. Aberdeen I think! I shall have to fine tune that!!! lol

Love your sweet tags on your jam pots...PS...I have had mine boil over too!

Patricia said...

I like my jam on the "tart" side as well.
Not made any this year, Isobel has done it all. Picked the fruit together. I bought the sugar for hers and mine, she made it. Good deal, saves the sticky mess in my kitchen.
We have been very lucky down here. Plenty rain but nothing like you guys got.

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Good morning Erika, I bet at least one pot of your delicious jam has already been eaten, it's a thing I have never been tempted to make. Glad you haven't been flooded out - what terrible weather, it never stopped raining here for days and so cold with it. Well I'd better make a move and get things done before I go to work.
Hazel xx

Lau W said...

Hmmm ! yummy !
hope you're well, hope the weather is better ! Here, no storm etc...but not really nice weather, pfff ! wind wind !