Monday, August 25, 2014

Creativity comes in many forms.....this one is for the all the boys, big or small and of course all the biker chicks too. Put the pedal to the metal!

Good morning all and a busy weekend was had here.  Saturday was a tad manic at work followed by a trip to Aviemore yesterday for the annual Harley Davidson, Thunder in the Glen's rally.
I promised to take a few photos for you all so here goes.

This was the trike that took my fancy, travelling in style don't you think?  It even has room for one of the kids to join me on the back too.  That's my idea of biking!
On to my hubby's favourite.

All chrome and black with solid wheels.  I wouldn't fancy cleaning this one after a ride out.

The airbrushing on these bikes was amazing, all done by hand by a very clever chap.  He also had pictures of one that he has done for Remembrance day with pictures of all the War's in black and white on it and with every scene a beautiful red poppy.  The artwork was incredible and looked like photographs, truly stunning, even if you don't like bikes you've got to appreciate the art.  I would love to be able to airbrush.

It is the attention to detail on the bikes that I love.  The back tyre on this bike was huge but look at the kick stand, it's a claw, how fab is that?

The fishtail exhaust pipes on this bike made it look another foot longer.  
How do they keep the bikes so clean and shiny, it had been raining Saturday and the bikes were still all gleaming on Sunday.

The boys liked this one and had a wee giggle at it, can you see why?
I took the picture strategically so you probably won't catch it, on the wheel hub there is a topless lady!  Boys!
I liked the the box storage on the back it had a beautiful eerie Halloween style setting.  Ooooo! 

This was the one my mum liked or as the boys call her "biker gran!"
She loves the colour purple and like me prefers the safety of a trike over a bike.  I can just see her off to do her shopping on this!  

Finally I had to do a double take at this chap, did you know the Preditor was a keen biker?

How cool/scary is this helmet?
Luckily for us he was riding through Aviemore and didn't stop!

You may not be interested in biking as such but I'm sure you'll agree with me that you can't not appreciate the creativity of various bikers in pimping their rides and equipment.  Oh and I forgot to mention the sheer noise, the rattle and rumble of a couple of thousand bikes is a sight to behold, you can feel it right through to the bones, so to speak.  I love it but I guess I've grown up with a father who loves bikes.  My two boys are a little harder to please and I am sure would much rather be plugged in!

Moving on to today and it is beautiful up here in the North of Scotland, the sun is out, the sky is blue and not a cloud to spoil the view!
And what am I away to do.....the ironing!  Boo.  It needs doing.  Still the dog and I had a beautiful walk along the beach this morning so maybe we haven't seen the last of the good weather yet?
Enjoy your Monday and I'll be back again tomorrow with something a little more girlie.  x


Patricia said...

Happy sunny Monday Erika,
Love, love, love, all those fantastic bikes. I used to have a boyfriend who had a Motor Bike I loved being away with him........mum freaked out. Looking back now I can see she saw "danger"
John is a car man, he does not do getting wet.
I would still go on the back of a motor bike today, however not in the rain!!
Enjoy your day

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Fab bikes, we used to live next door to a chap who did the art work on trucks and bikes and oh my he did stunning work. I love the look of some bikes but no way would I get on one. Thankfully none of mine every wanted one. Glad you had a great day out, Tammy our daughter wasn't happy being stuck behind the traffic that had built up behind a load of bikes on the A 9 on Friday, but seeing they have friends who are bikers and up for the weekend she excepted it. Hazel x

cuilliesocks said...

They are just fantastic machines Erika, didn't manage to get down this year, but glad you all enjoyed the day.
Mu ex was a biker and had a wonderful Bonnieville, didn't thinks much of him though in the end, but loved the bike, hugs Kate x

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
my what super lovely bikes.
They do look after them well don't they.
Now I used to live next door to a biker, he belonged to a group that did lots for charity, and I suppose it's the same for most of them.
Every Easter they would take Easter eggs to the local hospital for the young patients.
My DH has mobility scooter, and he has seen one in the mobility mag of
a scooter that looks just like a motorbike, and of course he would love one. Just need the pennies. lol.
My youngest Son rides a motorbike and did some training with the Kent motorbike police.
He quite often rides to work in London along the M20 and M25.
So I really enjoyed your pictures today.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

ForgedinPaper said...

Fab photos. I thought it was on as I saw a few posh bikes heading that way on Friday.