Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Do you love where you live? I'd be bonkers not too. Don't believe me?.....take a wee lookie.

Good evening again today.  #lastminute.com again tonight.

In my defence it was another fabulous sunny day here today, so you can guess the next comment, the boys and I got out and about.  In the morning we did some shopping.  I was delighted to pick up my new glasses....I can see, I can see, although it does feel a little weird going in and out of focus as I move my head.  I'm sure I will get used to it.
I also was very naughty and popped to the Monsoon sale, the less said about that the better but with the boys with me I just didn't have time to choose!  Cough!  Wink, wink, if you know what I mean!
Moving swiftly on.  As the afternoon was so beautiful we took ours and my pals dog out for a walk, rucksack packed with drinks and snacks for both the two and four legged varieties we set off, our mission to reach the green pool!

We walked passed the beach, stopping for a wee dook in the sea, well it was a warm day and it would be rude not to.
The beach was busier than usual today because of the weather, want a wee lookie?

And the hutties, which are like gold dust, you can't get one for love or money and apparently the waiting list is long.

It's a shame the people who are lucky enough to have them don't always use them as plenty of other local folk would love the opportunity.

After our dip we headed along the shore to the next couple of bays and found lots of these.

I don't know if there is an official name for these statues but they pop up all along the coastline especially on the stone beaches.  Last year we saw one that was taller than my youngest boy so some folk must have oodles of patience.
Finally we made it to what my boys call the green pool.

As you can see from this photograph, the rock formation almost creates a natural pool to swim in especially if the tides are not high at a suitable time for dooking in the harbour.  You can also see how packed it is, we were the only people about, our own personal and natural sea pool!
The dogs and kids alike enjoyed a dip followed by light refreshments.  Around the next bay there was some folk wild camping by the caves, another thing my boys would like to do.  I personally think this is a Dad trip but on a nice night I think it would be quite special.  Here are the caves.

When we get the beautiful weather we have had this year, why would you need to go anywhere else?
So yes in answer to my own question, I do love where I live.  Ask me again in the winter when the snow is on the ground and it's -9, then I might change my answer as I really do not like being cold.

As for crafting, why would you when you've got this to enjoy?!
But I did promise to share my purchases from yesterdays craft shop visit.  Did you guess correctly.

I've got a new project to start.....can you tell what it is yet?!


cuilliesocks said...

Your in such a beautiful area of Scotland Erika, so lucky to be near the sea.
Love the colours of your yarn, can't guess what you might be doing with it though, apart from crochet. However, the colours remind me of coastal shades, what ever it's for I'm sure it will be fab, hugs Kate x

Cass said...

Jealous.com. Missing my trip there...sniff.Sounds like a fab day.Love the pool.You'll need to whisper in my ear how to get to it..wink wink. xx

Erika said...

Next time you're up I'll take you. X

Patricia said...

Oh! Erika, your photographs are absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your day. Your yarns remind me of the sea and sand. Maybe some more cushions??
Like you I LOVE where I live. Easy access to the sea if we want, we are deep in the countryside, amongst the fields and surrounded hills.
I really must start taking my camera out with me. I have some beautiful pictures on my phone but it and my computer do not talk to one another.
I will do my Blog later, I have a picture that I took yesterday when I did have my camera.
Have a wonderful day

Patricia xxx

Patricia said...

Me again,
You are welcome anytime to come play making flowers.
Pity we were not just a bit closer, I could learn a lot from you in return.

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Oh Erika who couldn't love living up your way? Those photos are showing how stunning it is, I think we might just need to see if we can fine a holiday cottage ( one that allows dogs) for next year, between your fun week and those views it would be a fab holiday of course we would need good weather too. Having lived by the sea before we moved here I do miss it. Glad you all had a fab day out, and all it cost was the price of the snack you packed. Yet folk are saying they can't afford days out??.. ( untrue) looking forward to seeing what that beautiful colours of yarn turn into. Hazel xx

ForgedinPaper said...

Great photos. It looks like the boys are having a ball. Are you on the list for a hut?

scrappymo! said...

Love the beautiful beaches and cliffs...you are so lucky to live there...where you don't have to share your beach with a zillion others...

Love the colours of your yarn...will it be an afghan?