Friday, July 05, 2013

Oh no it's that time again.....end of term. Boo! Time to come up with a teachers gift or two!

Good afternoon folks thought I better post today before going near the tennis....maybe I'll save the ironing to do whilst watching later. 
So today's the day I've got about an hour and a half of peace left before the joy of the school summer holidays commence.  My two boys aren't keen in doing anything this year, if the weather is good they just want to be down dooking in the harbour, on the boat or at the beach and if the weather is bad at the local pool, cinema or on the dreaded x box. 
In previous years we've galloped around seeing family or insisted on taking them somewhere just to break up the long break but this year will be slightly different.  I have no time off work in the school holidays, it's a last in all school holidays have gone situation so it will mean us just popping off midweek if we do anything. 
I do sometimes wonder why we bother mind as one year we went to Edinburgh for a week and their favourite bit was getting home and going dooking! 
So why as parents to we feel the need?!  Especially when the kids aren't bothered.
It can be just as much fun with the good weather and a picnic or BBQ at the beach.

Anyway I'm going away at a tangent again, today I want to show you my youngest boys teachers gift and card.  This is the first year I haven't bothered making for my oldest, apparently it isn't the "thing" to do at secondary school, as he was boarding in a different school last year I was his family away from home.  Now he is back home, and enjoying really isn't the done thing!
Back to the youngest and the card.

Elaine and Tracey I thought of you two whilst making this card.  These two lovely ladies from my local crop love all things "owl" related and I am beginning to get it too.  Isn't this wee chap so cute and really quick and easy to make up with scraps.  Juls you'd be proud of me!
He is a Sizzix die and I can feel a felt moment coming on....he'd be great in material too.

To go with the card my youngest and I made some gingerbread cookies last night and I also made another dishcloth, not exciting I know but useful!  I do like things that are useful.

Here's a photo of it all packaged up ready to go to school this morning.

Now my blog might take a wee blip over the holidays dependant on what we do and what adventures we get up too.  It could also go the other way as they've both found the local skate park and are enjoying freedom and fresh air there too.  I can't knock it if they're out and about having fun with their does take some getting used.
I'm quite liking a bit more freedom  rather than the word "mum can I" frequently.
Some days I have to remind myself just to chillaxe and think back to when we were kids.  If we weren't out for the day somewhere or camping we'd be out till either
a.  It got dark.
b.  We were hungry.

Learning to let go a bit at a time!

Anyway that's all from me today, work in the morning and an early start again.  As for Sunday I don't know yet what we'll get up to but I am excited at the weather forecast.......folks we're in for more summer weather, whoop, whoop!
Have a super weekend whatever you have planned and I want to finish today by wishing two lovely crafty buds a
HAPPY BIRTHDAY....."JAN" and "KATE", I hope you both have a super birthday weekend.  x


Kirsti said...

Yay for teacher gifts..these are fab Erika...I was baking chic chip cookies today because Libby's class are having a 'feast' this afternoon...

Enjoy the last hour or so...hopefully see you soon.xx

Lau W said...

Oh so nice gifts for teachers ! Very nice work Erika !
Here are the holiday too youpiiii ! And the sun wants to come youpiiii !
Have good time my friend !

marion said...

Looks jummy and fab owl card. Don't worry from reading I know your boys will have a fab vacation time !! Hugs, Marion

cuilliesocks said...

lucky teacher, a fab card and yummy cooikes, have a great weekend Erika, Kate x