Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday morning again....time for cake!

Good morning, how are you today?
How was your weekend?
I started with a bit of a head cold on Saturday which was nice, it is now fully in my nose and ears. The morning walk with the dog today should have cleared it as I was sand blasted on the beach, it is a tad windy out there, blowing a hooley.  Perfect drying weather for my washing!

I had a busy day yesterday as we are having our new carpet in the front room fitted.  No crafting for me today as the house is upside down.  The room looks so big with no furniture.
Now just to wait for the new suite in December.
It's looking good so far.

In between moving furniture yesterday I took a little time out to experiment in the kitchen.
I had a pineapple that I needed to use up so what could I make?
I started off making pineapple and orange smoothies, I will get fruit into my kids!
Then I thought I'd try a new recipe with muffins....pineapple, coconut and lime!  A bit of a tropical feel.

I think I could have got an extra couple cases of the mixture as they look a bit full.  :0
I know for next time, they're more of a dessert muffin as they're lovely warmed with custard.
And I wonder why I don't lose weight?!
I do love my cake and it has fruit in it.  That's my reasoning behind eating it anyway.

As for remembrance Sunday I spent it my own way.  I dug out my Grandad's metal tin from the war and had a look through it.  My eldest cousins didn't want to keep it when we lost Grandad and I jumped at the chance to have his military history.  It is much more interesting than anything of real monetary value.  The wee tin has his diary, photos, a poppy, correspondence, his service records and medals.  My "not forgetting who gave all" was spent yesterday reading through his diary from 1942-3.  It was sad but still very interesting.   He was in the Royal Engineers during the war, based in Italy and in Africa.

I also found this lovely letter dated April 1945 thanking him for his sacrifice from Lord Kemsley.  I'm sure it was probably a blanket letter sent to the troops but it is lovely to still have a copy.  I don't know whether you can read the last paragraph but it did make me smile.
I always get the box out at this time of year, it's just a pity I don't have anything from my other Grandad.  All I know about my Dad's father is that he was a fireman and was based in London during the blitz.  He did get an award for bravery but since my Grandma died I don't know where the certificate went.  I must ask my Dad about it.
I think it is good to share this history with the younger generations especially with the attitude of some nowadays.  I sometimes don't think they realise how much hardship our grandparents went through so they could have the good lifestyle they have now.

I think after that I will sign off, time to go and check out my new springy carpet and get my house put back to normal.  As normal as it can ever be!
Enjoy your Monday, I'm working for the next three days so my crafting might be curtailed this week, boo hiss!
Hopefully I will have something to share with you.  Have a good week.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

What a lovely memento to have Erika and a piece of history to treasure. I agree the younger generation should be made aware of the sacrifices made for their future by others in the past and hopefully they will then appreciate what they have.
Good luck with the furniture rearranging.

Carol said...

Erika your cakes look and sound delicious. I spent yesterday quietly reflecting too...I'm hoping I will get to keep my Grandad's medals but will have to wait and see what happens. Hope your cold doesn't was wet and wild here overnight but seems to be brightening up a bit now. Enjoy your day. Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika what a lovely post to read, and what an interesting piece of history for your family. Your children are just too young yet to appreciate the tow world warsbut will understand the need to to remember as they get older. Must have been an emotional day for you.
But, I do wonder why as a society we have never learned that war is futile and it only kills the ordinary people, not the politicians and heads of state that actually start them, and usually for greed.
Anyway enough of my soapbox, you cakes look yummy, nothing like home baking, especially when the weather is pants, Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika, you are so right your grand dads tin is more of a treasure than some piece of silver or that. I hate when people sell things like that, saying or we are not interested in these kind of things! Me they are things to keep and passed down the generations. Or if there is no one to hand it to give it to a museum. We as a nation don't teach children what was given for them to have what we have today. It might be more so for me as our father was in the services and Charlie being ex services. When I think even what the service men and women have had happen to them in the last few years. ( off soap box)
Your cakes look and sound yummy. Your front room will look wonderful when it's finished. Hazel X

Patricia said...

Hello Erika,
Liking the look of those cakes. Mmmmm!! I can almost "smell" that wonderful smell.
I agree with Hazel regarding the Medals etc:-
Have a great day
Patricia xxx

Barb said...

I'm finally catching up Erika and really enjoyed reading your post. What a lovely letter from your Grandad's tin. My Dad was also in Italy and Africa dueing the war. Sadly he seldom talked about the war. I think lots of the memories were very painful for them all. However I do have Dad's medals and some interesting momentos and several pages of events that he wrote down for our son that have been put away safely. Barbxx