Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Morning and how are you today?
Another grey, wet and windy day here in the North of Scotland, perfect crafting weather, staying in the warm.  I'm at work again today, another short shift then that is me till next week.  Lots of deals starting tomorrow in M and S for the Black Friday weekend, including a dine in which you can bump up to £20 and have a bottle of champagne.  We have half price biscuits and sweeties and discounts on other items too.  I think it's going to be busy!

Back to today and I thought I'd have a little crafty interlude and have a wee baking session instead.  I finally made my Christmas cakes on Monday and as I mentioned I made two smaller cakes rather than one huge one.
Well they smell good and look good but I guess the proof will be in the eating.  At the moment they're wrapped in foil as I spend the next couple of weeks feeding them brandy.
(I wish I was a Christmas cake!)

Nomm, nomm.  It's a shame I've got to wait till I've decorated it!

Now do you have cheese with your Christmas cake?  We were talking about it at work earlier in the week and I get the impression that my colleagues think I'm a little strange.  I am originally from the North of England and we always serve Christmas cake with a chunk of Wensleydale cheese.  When I mentioned this my colleagues screwed up their noses and made funny noises expressing their dislike of the idea.  Is it a Northern English tradition?
What do you serve your Christmas cake with?
I'd love to know I'm not the only strange one out there.

That's all from me today enjoy your "hump" day, I'm away into work to see what this week's dine in will bring.
There's no wonder I can't lose weight, I just love food!
More from me tomorrow.


Jo said...

Mmmm, looks delicious! I too wrap ours in foil & feed every week, don't like cheese with mine but my Nan used to so doesn't sound too strange to me.
hugs Jo x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Your cake looks delicious Erika, so full of fruit and soon to be full of booze too, lol. I've heard of cheese and fruit cake together too and I think you are right it is more a northern thing. Our Christmas cake is just eaten on it's own. Hope they day goes well.

Barb said...

Your cake looks delicious. I've never heard of cheese with Christmas cake before. We like to start eating our cake about a week before Christmas when we can really enjoy it. We have a piece in the evening watching tv with a sherry or port. I'm always full up with dinner on the big day and only eat a bit of cake just because it's what you have to do. Barbxx

Hazel said...

Erika. Your cake looks yummy! Yes I have friends who live in the north of England and they do the same as you. Each, area has different food things, to me as long as you enjoy it what's the problem. I am not cheese person so I wouldn't eat it that way, xxx

Carol said...

It looks delicious Dad ate cheese and fruit cake or cheese and jam together....and I've tried both but not an iced Christmas cake...too busy enjoying the cherries, icing and marzipan to think about some savoury. Carol x