Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's Saturday, time to tickle that creative funny bone again.

Good morning, I am in work again today, busy times! 
Whilst I am beavering away I found this funny quotes to share with you whilst blogging yesterday.
What better way to start the weekend than with a smile?

I loved this field guide to scrapbookers, which one are you?
I have to say I think I am a good mix of most of them to be honest, the hoarder stands out the most but I definitely have elements of others too.

Ever wondered why new paper is so yummy, now you know....

I am definitely going to blame the pheromones in the future, how can you resist if you are being hypnotized?  It seems totally logical to me.  More paper required!  ;)
Finally for today, are you suffering from a craftdiction?

I think I might have it!
There are worse things I could suffer from, don't you agree?

That's all from me today, I shall be looking forwards to a quiet evening after a busy day at work.  I shall be relaxing in front of the fire and chilling out watching Strictly. 
Have a super weekend, more from me on Monday. 


Patricia said...

As always, absolutely brilliant.
Have a great weekend
Patricia X

Barb said...

If I replace scrapbooker with card maker I think I'm the dreamer and the hoarder. And yes I agree you could be addicted to worse. Enjoy Strictly. I'll be watching too. Barbxx

cuilliesocks said...

Fab funnies Erika, it's amazing how you find them all, Kate x

Carol said...

These tickled me Erika...think I'm the dreamer and the hoarder! This year I have the pheromones under control and haven't bought any patterned paper...aren't I a good girl, can't promise to be as good next year though! Enjoy your Sunday. Carol x

Diane said...

Love the little scrapbook chart I am differently the "I Quit" one.

Hugs diane