Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Busy doing nothing, but that is just the way it goes!

Hello, a missed post yesterday and nothing to show you today either?  What is going on?
My husband and the boys went to his parents this weekend as it was his Mum's 80th birthday.  I was unfortunately working Saturday and couldn't make it.  Being home alone I had great plans to get some Christmas organising done and lots of housework.  After a busy day on Saturday my cold got the better of me and I ended up with a very relaxed Sunday apart from walking the dog.
Yesterday I then planned to do some crafting but after I'd sorted all the beds, the food shopping and the dog, the family were back home. 
Where do the days go?
Today I have been getting all the ironing up to date before going into work Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
Why am I so tired!
Every time I sit down just now I find myself dropping off!  Scary.  It isn't even Christmas at work yet, I think I need a booster!  Anyone got any spare energy kicking about?  Fancy sharing?

I have to also admit that I have also been glued to the TV after Friday's events in Paris. 
Very shocking indeed.  I haven't really felt like crafting. 
What is the world coming to?

I am hoping to get back to you later in the week meanwhile I am going to listen to my body and relax. 


Patricia said...

SNAP:- I was busy the past 2 weeks making things for my table on Sunday.
Busy say and done "not a lot" since.
Think I am all crafted out!!
Patricia xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, it's that time of year when energy levels seem to drop, pity you couldn't get a wee holiday away somewhere, even just a weekend just to recharge. Inverness is getting quite busy now, on days that you wouldn't expect it, this has been the fastest year ever, take care, Kate x

Carol said...

I know how you feel Erika...I'm trying to get ahead of myself and seem to be paddling against the current the whole time! Carol x

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
you are a very busy lady, and I do admire anyone that runs a blog and looks after their family, and also works.
No wonder you are worn out.
In the olden days my grandmother used to take a drop on Sanatogen wine to boost her energy.
I don't know if they still do it, but she said it always helped her.
I agree the weekend atrocities were awful, and I do feel for anyone caught up in such terrible acts of terror on humanity.
My son is going to France tomorrow with his work so I am not at all happy about that.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

You have a very busy life with work, family and running a home Erika. This time of year is always hectic and with illness too your energy levels are pretty depleted I should think. Time does seem to be passing by quicker though, I have noticed this especially this year. I hope you start to feel better soon and more able to cope with the pace of life. If I had some spare energy I would gladly send it your way :)
Take care,

Barb said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon Erika. You do certainly fit a lot into a day and when you're a bit off colour it's bound to make you tired. Barbxx