Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's Saturday, yeah, time to tickle that creative funny bone!

Morning and how are you today?
I have a day off today, yippee.  What to do?
Oh I have lots to do but at this time of year it is prioritising what NEEDS doing rather than doing what you'd really like to.
Decisions, decisions.
Did you survive Black Friday?
I did a little shopping, it would be rude not to, plus I had a lovely lunch at work.

Back to today and I know this is a day or two late but I'd just like to wish all my American crafty friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  I saw this and thought of you all, or should I say y'all?

I'd like anything I eat between now and the middle of January to stay off my thighs please!
Can that be top of my wish list for Christmas, do you think Santa could arrange that for me?
I wish.  Stapling my mouth shut is the only way that would work, a little drastic don't you agree?

Next it wouldn't be Christmas without a little of this....and I've been using lots this year.

It's the one thing my none crafty friends always comment on when I see them at this time of year. "Oh Erika you're all sparkly, it must be Christmas crafting!  Either that or you've turned into a Vampire!"
You can guarantee if I have it all over me then my craft room and home is far worse.  
In my eyes worse things happen at sea, as the saying goes, having a sparkly home, it is quite festive!

Finally today this made me giggle.  
Have you got that certain someone who has everything they need and you are really stumped as to what to get them this Christmas?
Well look no more I've found the perfect novelty gift for you.

I can't believe that someone has taken the time to embroider that loo roll.  It did make me giggle.

That's all from me today, enjoy your weekend, whether you are crafting or not.
More from me next week.


Patricia said...

Good morning Erika,
Love the "funnies" especially the last one .... that has given me an idea.
Certainly will NOT be embroidering the paper though!!
Have a great weekend
Patricia xxx

Barb said...

Enjoy your day off Erika. I enjoyed your Saturday funnies, especially the last. Goodness you'd have to know someone well to give them that hehe. Barbxx

Carol said...

Hope you've had a good day Erika. These did tickle me today...might just have to use that loo roll idea. Hoping nothing clings to my thighs in the next month or so or nothing will fit me to go on holiday! Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, well I just love your funnies, especially the last one, Alistair says he now knows what to get me as a gift, it might make the IBS a bit more comfortable, if you know what I mean.
Hope your enjoying your weekend off, Kate x