Monday, November 23, 2015

Hot, soapy and lots of friction, what was I up to?

Good evening all!  Bends knees and raises hat!
How are you this Monday evening and how was your weekend?

I had a busy day at work Saturday, the day just flew by followed by a lovely chilli and glass of red wine for tea, and relax.
Did you watch Strictly on Saturday, wasn't it good?  I think it is going to be a very close competition this year.  There are at least five of the couples that are left in that could win it.
They're all so good.

On Sunday I made a couple more Christmas cards in the morning and then packed up for my crop later in the day.  I had a productive day this is what I was up to.

Can you tell what it is yet?
I was told I needed hot soapy water, lots of elbow grease and mountains of friction!
Yes, I was having another go at wet felting.
My good friend Helen at Ar Dachaidh Crafts was at the crop and was keeping me right with gift that I decided to make for Christmas.  Do pop over to her Facebook page and take a wee look at her felt items, they're amazing.  I love her little fairy houses.
We both sat next to each other and I tried to keep up with her but experience won out.  I nearly finished the project at the crop, another hour and I would have done it.  I was so keen after feeding my boys their tea I set back to work and made sure I got the project finished.

This is the finished article.  Another Christmas pressie ticked of the list, I've just got to add a clasp inside once it is dried.
This is my second bag like this, I made a similar one a year ago and I have to say I found this one easier to make than the first, most certainly down to Helen for keeping me on track.
Not only did I have a present at the end of the day but the olive soap and the friction made for soft, soft, soft hands, which had been very dry after the day at work Saturday.  Bonus!

Today I have also been productive.  The food shopping done first thing, after getting the boys out and sorted.  Then back to make soup "butternut squash", yum, yum and two Christmas cakes.  Once the cakes were in the oven the dog and I went for a nice long walk to the next beach,  Thankfully the morning rain had gone and it was actually quite mild if not a tad cloudy.  Then it was back in time for a cup of tea and biccie before picking up the boys.
I guess now it is time to feed them and the animals before relaxing!
I'm in work tomorrow and Wednesday but then I have the rest of the week off.  Or you could say the calm before the storm as we ramp up for December.
I am hoping to get some of my Christmas cards written, it would be a first for me to get my foreign ones sent on time.  I usually end up making "Happy New year" cards instead, I guess an advantage of making the cards yourself.
That's all from me today, enjoy the rest of your evening, stay warm, I intend to as I am away to light the fire right now.  Brrr!


Shazza said...

love the bag Erika, how are the arms today? Enjoy the rest of your relaxing evening x

Carol said...

This is something I've never tried Erika(unless you can count the jumpers that came out of the wash looking this way!!),and yours looks wonderful...a lovely gift. I made butternut squash soup last week, I love it sadly the rest of the family aren't as keen! Enjoy your evening. Carol x

Patricia said...

ERIKA:- that's brilliant, love it.
Patricia X

Lau W said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, this is one gorgeous bag and I love the colours too. No end to your talents !! Kate x

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Erika,
Found your blog on my friend Kate's site and you've got some fabulous entries. I adore this bag and love how you've created it. What a talent and what a lovely thing to receive a gift from a friend who had worked hard to create it herself. Love it. Amanda x