Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tea and cake what could be better?

Good morning and how are you on this Tuesday morning?
It's looking good outside so far, the sun is out and the sky is blue and I now have a certain song roaming around in my head but with no rain here yet.

All my boys are now on holiday, we don't have any plans, I only work part-time but I haven't managed any time off from work until the tattie holidays.  When everyone wants time off in the school holidays it can be difficult to get.  On the upside, I am now not back to work till Saturday so there is nothing to stop us having a few day trips out.
My youngest wants to try out the new Trampoline place in Inverness and this morning I was looking at white water tubing in Aviemore for us all.  (I think that might be fun, if not a little scary!)
There's lots we could do but the hardest job is getting them up and dressed in a morning.
My boys are turning into bedroom sloths!  Or is that just teenagers?

I recently went for two new jobs at work, one was doubling my contracted hours at the moment and one was quadrupling them (full-time).  The full-time job was a step up the ladder and the other part-time job was a sideways step onto the shop floor.
To my relief I haven't got the full-time job.  Why?  Well, I don't honestly think I would have much craft-time.  I am however I am glad I went through the selection procedure because now I know what to expect should I want to go down that route again in the future, a timed test, roll playing and an interview.  Scary stuff!
I am actually looking forwards to my little part-time shop floor job, it is during school hours, the only downside being I am working every Saturday but a shorter shift than I normally do now.

Talking of work, last week we had a cake sale to raise money for MFR Cash for kids.  The local radio station are raising money for disadvantaged children in the local area.
This is what I made...

We have some malteser slice....

My youngest was most disgusted as I cut the slices twice as big as I normally do for my boys.
It is a treat that goes down really well in this house but with six full bars of good cooking chocolate and two boxes of maltesers, not to mention the biscuits and butter, it is not low fat!  But very yummy!

My muffins are orange with a lemon butter icing top.  These muffins have two full oranges in them so I like to kid myself that you are getting one of your five a day!
This probably isn't the case after being baked but it's a nice thought.
This has to be the most requested muffin recipe I get asked for.  You'd think chocolate muffins or something a little more extravagant would be more popular but no.  I think the fresh orange juice makes the cake very light and fruity.
I haven't followed the trend and piped loads of butter icing.  I find slapping this sort of amount on with a palette knife is more than enough sweetness.

Finally some cinder toffee or honeycomb, whatever you prefer to call it.
Hubby got me a sugar thermometer for Christmas and I have to say this is much easier to make with it.  You've just got to work quick when adding the bicarb as it explodes into life!

That's all from me today.  After looking at various activities for the family, the boys want a quiet day today.  I shouldn't complain because it means I can get some jobs done and craft.
I think some forward planning is required for the rest of the week, offering choices first thing in the morning is too daunting when certain people aren't really wide awake!
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and more from me tomorrow.


Pen Sunshinepen said...

Morning making me feel hungry talking and showing all those cakes. That Maltessa cake yum yum. Just had a call from Mum and she has to have MRI scan today she is not happy.

Think I need a cuppa - sun is trying to come out today but misty rain on and off so not sure if I will get into the garden.

Have a good day x

Lau W said...

Oh so yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you're well !
here the weather will change tomorrow : they say rain for 3 days snifff ! Hope it's not true !!!
Big hugs !

cuilliesocks said...

Oh my goodness, what yummy home bakes, nothing there I don't love, well done Erika, Kate x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Such yumminess! No good for my waistline though :/ what's left of it.
Hope you get your crafty time and plenty of fun on your weeks holiday and congrats on the new job too.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oooooh yum yum, love the look of the malteser slices though my scales wouldn't

Cara said...

I did laugh at your comment about your son! Looks very yummy, I'm sure they raised lots of money. Congratulations on the new job. Cara x