Saturday, July 02, 2016

It's the weekend, yes! Time for a little creative fun.

It maybe the weekend and I hope you are all having fun especially if it is something creative.
Personally I am on the early shift in work so it will be a busy day for me.  Then I am hoping to drag my other half to go and see the Ab fab film, it looks like a right good laugh from the trailers.
Hopefully a mad packed Saturday will be followed by a nice relaxing Sunday with maybe a little crafting.  That's the plan anyway.
As I am beavering away in work, it has become a bit of a tradition to share a couple of funny crafty quotes, that I found yesterday whilst surfing.
First up....

Do you ever suffer from the above?
I tend to go through phases, I am back enjoying my card making just now but at the same time wanting to do more crocheting and sewing.  If only there was more time in the day!
Which leads me quite nicely on to the next quote.

LOL.  Don't we all just have days like the above.  I am fortunate to be able to work part-time which enables me some time to craft.  If only I could farm out the household chores I'd get even more time. Mind you over time I have certainly become less obsessive with the housework allowing myself time to play.  (Much to the disgust of my other half!  And my answer to that.....he is more than capable if he isn't happy.)
The worm is turning!
We all need some time to ourselves don't we ladies?

This final quote for today just grabbed my attention.  I don't know why!

I'm all for any form of stash enhancement!  LOL.

Thanks for popping by today, enjoy the rest of your weekend.  May you have lots of fun, laughter and joy, oh and of course plenty of crafting too.


karenlotty said...

Another batch of great funnies that all apply to me! Like you I work part time which does give me a couple of extra hours = that's if I haven't had a snooze! If I get the chance I paper craft in daylight hours and knit in the evenings
Just about to link my oldie

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, as usual you quotes are brilliant, love the middle one, just me to a tee, Kate x

Cara said...

Great funnies. Definitely too many crafts and too little time here too! I can squeeze in some quilling right?! Cara x