Thursday, July 07, 2016

Nurse the screens!

Good afternoon and how are you today?
I was expecting it to be really sunny here today, according to the forecast.  It is warm but quite cloudy too.  It could however be much worse so I will take dry and warm any day over the rain we have had of late.

Today I have a couple of really CAS cards for you, I am sticking with my recent trend to make cards on a less is more theme.  These two cards went to the hospital last week together with a couple of bags of goodies from work to say thank you to the nurses and doctors who looked after me during my recent visit and op.

One card and a box of sweeties went to the operating staff and the other box of biscuits, sweeties and other goodies went to the lovely nurse Andrea and other staff who looked after me on the day ward.
I have used die cuts by Spellbinders Fancy Framed tags two together with metal charms of a nurses hat and the medical symbol attached to black bazzill.
Unfortunately the staff who looked after me were not on shift the day that I popped back in but I was told by others that they'd make sure they got them.

I think my eldest boy is getting tired all this working full time, it is a real battle to get up early every morning and next week he has to go to Keith everyday.  I do think it is good experience for him and it might change what he decides to do next, after his final year in school.
As I keep reminding him, he will be a long time working so he needs to try and do something he loves.  It will make all the difference!

Earlier today my youngest, hubby and I popped over to the Bothy in the next village for lunch.  If you are ever in this area I can totally recommend it.

I had a lovely jacket potato, my favourite snack at the moment.  They also have some lovely seaside gifts inside.  The staff are also really friendly and helpful, well worth a visit if you are a bit peckish.

I nearly forgot I had a great night last night through at the Inverness theatre to see Sarah Millican.  I have never laughed so much in two hours.  My jaw was aching with laughing.
She took me right back to watching Victoria Woods who I saw a couple of times live.  First time I saw Victoria was in Scarborough and we sat in the theatre behind what looked to be an elderly bus trip.  All I can remember was the couple in front of me commenting that she wasn't like that on the TV, referring of course to her choice of, shall we say, colourful language.  I personally have no issue with this, how can I, I was in the Navy and have heard it all before.  Why do I mention this?
As the show started my friend turned to me and said, she's not like that on the TV!  (I think she was trying to prepare me for what was to come, as she has seen Sarah live before).
But oh how we laughed, and laughed.

A day off for me today and tomorrow so I suppose I should really catch up on some boring old housework, I'd much rather be crafting, wouldn't you?
More from me tomorrow, can you believe it is oldie time again?


Rainey's Craft Room said...

It's always lovely to receive a thank you especially when not expected and I'm sure the nursing staff really appreciated it.
Glad you are fully recovered now and enjoying a night out, I haven't seen her 'live' only a televised live stage show but that was hilarious.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika I'm sure that the hospital staff will appreciate your cards and sweets. Super cards great Cas design.
We enjoyed our coffee and cake at the Bothy the other week, pleased you enjoyed your evening, Kate x

Cara said...

Beautiful cards, I'm sure the staff were very pleased to receive them. Cara x