Saturday, July 09, 2016

It's the weekend time for a little creative giggle.

Good morning fellow crafters and how are you this Saturday morning?
I am beavering away in work till lunch time, the weekend starts for me just after 12 o'clock.  
No plans as yet, it will depend on the weather, if it is nice something outdoors will no doubt be on the cards, if it is raining, inside and crafty.  Only time will tell.

As always on a Saturday I try and pick up a few creative quotes to make you smile, well, it is the weekend.  Today I have gone with a little material feel, in homage to the Great British Sewing Bee final this week.  Well done Charlotte.  

As a child my mum made most of our clothes.  It was much cheaper back then to make than to buy, not like today.  I can always remember my mum asking me to thread her needles for her after hearing her muttering under her breath.  Well, I am afraid to admit it but this issue has now arrived at my door.  When did needle holes suddenly get so small?  Or is it just me.
I now take it as a little personal victory if a needle is threaded first time, it's the simple things in life that make your day.  A fight with the thread or wool usually occurs on most occasions.  I do need to update my sewing machine and get one that threads for you, which I believe you can get now.
And on that note this next quote follows on quite nicely!

I have to say this trade sounds perfect to me.  LOL.  I won't need to feed it, just a little oil now and again.  No washing or ironing, except when using it to make something, which doesn't count.  Plus it won't fight for the remote control or play on the Xbox.  
It's a win, win situation.  Now how to break the idea to my husband?!

Finally do you have Fabracadabra moment?
I certainly do, not only with fabric but also with lots of other mighty fine crafting products.

Oh what fun can be had when you find something you'd forgotten you'd bought.  It is just like Christmas!  

That's all from me today, enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned.
More from me next week.


karenlotty said...

Oooh You do make me smile! And they all apply to me!

karenlotty said...

Right up my street! Every single one of them applies to me Quick note I upgraded my sewing machine about 2 years ago and hopefully they have improved but I cannot get along with the automatic needle threader I have on my machine

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, love the middle one, there are days I feel like trading Alistair in, don't know what for though, but I guess on those days anything would do LOL, have a good weekend, Kate x

Cara said...

Great funnies. Hope work wasn't too manic. Cara x

Carol said...

Been missing my Saturday funnies Erika...these made me lol! Hope you've had a good weekend. Carol x