Wednesday, June 04, 2014

So what crafty toy would you buy yourself on your birthday?

Morning, today I did have a crafty sewing day planned with my pal Irene but my wee boy is coughing like a seal again and feeling a tad rough.....plans changed for another day.
It actually gives me chance to make my mum a birthday card as it is her birthday at the weekend.

Remember I mentioned I have birthday money to spend and I couldn't make up my mind what to do?
Well, I have ordered a few crochet books which are yet to arrive with some new patterns for me to play with but I also ordered this......

Now I know a lot of you will be thinking but why?
I have seen a lot of gifts and crafts recently that have stamped messages on them and I decided I would like to have a go.  You can get some real fancy fonts from the states but I decided I would like to keep it simple to start with till I see how much I'll use them.  They take me back to when I was in the armed forces as we had to stamp all our uniform with our name and ID, this sort of idea was used for items that wouldn't take a regular stamp.  Happy times!
My head is already buzzing with things I would like try......another case of watch this space!

I also mentioned another of my gifts that I hadn't shared.  Now I got some lovely gifts for my birthday....great jars for storing my crafty bits, thanks Irene, a super teapot, mug and selection of teas which have been in full operation since my birthday, thanks Gill.  Some fabby smellies from my pal Gayle, which totally remind me of our shopping trip to America five years ago, more happy times!
Then I got this off Elaine and it just took me back in time....

How retro is this, oh my I had one of these when I was little, it just took me back to my childhood. I can't for the life of me remember what I kept inside it mind but I do think it was crafty bits, did you have one and can you remember?  
More importantly can you guess what this one is holding?

Double mmmmm!  Now what can I make with these beauties?
I still have more birthday money to spend at some point I just need to decide on what?  Any suggestions?
To all my friends thank you for such lovely thoughtful gifts and I'd also like to add I can thoroughly recommend a M & S Percy pig cake too, it was lush.

Back to today and I'm away to strip beds and make a card.  My youngest has been tasked with some colouring in to keep him busy.  Enjoy your day and I'll be back tomorrow with more.  x


Cass said...

love the stamp set.Looking forward to seeing what you do with them (read that as do I need them too)Gorgeous gift from Elaine.Lush colours! xx

Patricia said...

Good evening Erika,
Loving the idea of those stamps, and I adore the little case full of fantastic coloured yarn.
You were a very lucky lady, mind you, you are worth it.
Hope the wee lad feels better tomorrow.
Can't say Hazel and I are doing much lying in the sun, we have had more rain than sunshine ...... so disappointing.
Not a lot we can do about the weather!!!!

Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, what a lovely little bag and the gorgeous Rico yarn in it too, lucky girl. I didn't have one of these, deprived child hood I'm afraid.
The stamps look interesting, I'm sure you will put them to good use.
I hope your little guy feels much better soon, hugs Kate x

Elaine said...

Ahhhh now what can you do with those stamps? I've seen them used on spoons and they do look pretty darn amazing. I look forward to seeingn what you make with them.
As for the little yarn case, it was a stab in the dark and I owe a debt of thanks to the lovely lady on Etsy who was extremely helpful!

Big Hugs
Elaine xxx

Shazza said...

gorgeous gifts Erika. I am so sorry your card is still here. Promised I will get it posted xxx

Unknown said...

Morning Erika cant wait to see what you do with your stamps. I like the idea of been able to do your own stamped verses. Take care xx

Debs xx