Monday, June 16, 2014

A little sporty number this Monday afternoon for you? Crafty style of course!

Good afternoon, and what a lovely day it has been so far.
I've been into town today tying up a few loose ends as my trip to hospital looms later this week.
Food stocked up as are all other essentials in order that hubby and the boys can manage without me for a couple of days.

Did you have a good weekend?
Ours was very busy here.  Our visitors arrived tea time on Friday, so a good evening was had by all.
The harbour day in the village seemed to go down well although I only managed the last ten minutes having been at work, where I had a good day.  Saturday night I enjoyed a chinese and wee drink or two with good friends and family, the house was buzzing!  (For us anyway!)
On Sunday we had a ride out covering the local area Elgin, Lossiemouth and then over to Fochabers showing our visitors the area, with a stop at Baxters for lunch and one of their pancakes, oooo toffee sauce and ice-cream, nomn, nomn!
They then had some fun in the boat with hubby, as the weather was good but unfortunately missed the dolphins.  Then it was back home for tea and another wee drink or too.
All in all, a nice social weekend!

Back to today and this was another bespoke card I was asked for last week.  I believe this young lady is about to start a sport course with the request including the age and anything sport related.

Simple and to the point.

What do you have planned for the rest of today?
Me it is getting on top of the housework as come the end of the week I will not be able to do any for six weeks.....I plan to craft instead,  :) 

I'll be back tomorrow with another card for you.  
Happy crafting!  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, lovely card and I can see with all the great embellishments it fits the bill perfectly. Love the super big numbers.
Sounds like you had a busy but super weekend, hugs Kate x

Lau W said...

Hello ! My week-end was cool, we visited parents saturday, and yesterday : beach ! the weather is not really nice but it's good to get some fresh airi prefer sun sun sun !!!
Well, your card is superb, so nice embellish, love the design, super !

marion said...

Looks fabulous, hugs, Marion

Shazza said...

great card Erika. My week will be work followed by a leaving night Friday, work Saturday, party Saturday night and if I can make it crop on Sunday.......why does everything happen at once???

Hazel said...

Great card as ever Erika, love all those sport related embellishments. Now I hope you have got those boys, husband included trained to do the washing,ironing and cleaning as you will not be allowed to do any of those things, you have to do as you are told it's hard but it's only 6 weeks. Says me that had to keep my hands busy when I had to do nothing for six weeks. So lots of crafting.

Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Good morning Erika, love this great card all the embellishments are brilliant as is the wonderful design.
Mmmm!! we had some if those Pancakes on Saturday, they were wonderful.
Look after yourself I am sure Hubby & the boys will manage fine with you just "telling" them what to do rather than doing it.
Happy crafting

Patricia xx

PharmacyMichele said...

Great card-love the sporty embellishments on it.