Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another day chilling......

Morning all.  I'm still working on my crochet, I did say I was taking my time.  One thing for sure I couldn't make to sell just now, far to slow. 

I had a wee walk out yesterday just around the block, flat pavement and a bit of fresh air.  Felt good to get out. 
In the evening I had a popcorn and film night with Grandma and the boys.  The boys wanted to watch Elysium, a sci-fi action film with Matt Damon, which was good although took me a wee while to get into.  Then we had Pitch Perfect, a musical comedy, light hearted and funny, more of a chick flick!  (For Grandma and me.)

Today I am planning on baking some muffins and doing a little more crocheting then maybe enjoying a little sunshine in the garden.  It's a hard life!

I saw this whilst on line this morning and it made me smile.

Not so in my case, I can't believe how much better I feel and it's not a week till Thursday.   Still taking it steady.
I plan on taking full advantage of this soon too.  I don't know about you but it doesn't matter how much time you have to craft it is never enough......time just disappears when having fun.
Not much crafty inspiration from me just now, bare with, bare with! 
I shall be back up and running in time. 
I'm away to relax, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.  x


Patricia said...

Glad your feeling better, just remember you are still to take things easy.
Sounds like a fun night, watching films and eating popcorn.
Maybe making some "flowers" would keep you sitting and busy!!!
Have a good day

Patricia xx

Shazza said...

take it easy x

cuilliesocks said...

Pleased to hear you're recovering well Erika, love your little quotes, hugs Kate x

Cass said...

Love the crafty quotes.You need to get Frozen watched!Love the yarn you posted on FB.Gorgeous colours xx

Lau W said...

Bouhh ! Blogger was not cool these days !!
Oh if you make muffins, i want one or..more miam !!!
Have a relax day my friend !