Saturday, June 21, 2014

It really does feel strange not working on a Saturday.

Good afternoon all.  How the devil are you this Saturday?
I am waiting the arrival of my mum who is coming up to help for a few days whilst my hubby is away with work.  I don't normally need help but if you read this on a regular basis you will know I was in hospital for an operation on Thursday.
I got out yesterday and am now home, a tad sore but on the mend and 100% better than I was Thursday after my procedure....guess who didn't really want to wake back up?! 
That would be me, heavy eyelid syndrome!  Sleeping like a baby.

I have been given strict instructions not to do much but I have had a wee sneak on my sewing machine this morning when left alone for a wee while.  It didn't last long as I've reached a sticking point.  The executive decision to leave for now till I have more patience. 
Boo....I was doing great guns too. 

As I have nothing crafty to share just now I came across this quote and it made me smile.  I therefore thought I just had to share.....

I also saw this too.....

But in my defence, only in my craft room because I'm so easily distracted!

It only remains for me to wish you all the best this Saturday, I think it's time for a film and a wee doze before everyone returns home.  Enjoy your weekend.


Patricia said...

Oh! Erika, you are so should have your feet up.
I had my sewing machine out this morning, was very productive. Took up hems on John's trousers that have been lying in wait for over a week. Hem up on a dress and also a skirt I bought. I am tall, don't know what height you would need to be to wear them as they were.
Pleae take it easy, they tell you these things for a reason you know!!!!
Love those quotes.

Creativity is messy
I am very creative .... !!!!

Hugs a plenty

Patricia xx

marion said...

Just listen to your body, it tells you when you have to stop. Take good care of yourself and do not overdue it. Lots of get well wishes, hugs, Marion

cuilliesocks said...

Now this is how not to get a gold star, not doing as your told, take it easy and you'll be back to normal sooner, great quotes, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika I know it's hard but please take it easy and do nothing that is on the list of things you don't do. I managed to burst my wound open doing nothing and it took a few weeks to close. Love the quotes. Hazel xx

Gail said...

Fab quotes & as everyone has else has already said 'don't do too much too soon xx GailT xx

TCake said...

Hope you are on the mend my lovely, and not trying to do too much xx... Take care xx