Friday, June 27, 2014

Share an oldie this Friday and today how about apples for teachers?

Morning, how are you this Friday?
No post yesterday sorry, I got a few visitors during the day, I can't believe how the days are just flying by.
In the afternoon my youngest had his open day at school so I took a slow wander down and had half an hour there, that was my light exercise for the day!
I then spent sometime hand sewing and crocheting whilst chilling in the sunshine.

Before I go any further I'd like to give a big toot to the lovely Patricia for her beautiful card yesterday.
Thank you so much Patricia for your card, it is very thoughtful of you and I love the flower.  (You do flowers so well).  We so need to get together for some crafty fun!

Back to today and it's share an oldies day and don't forget ladies or gentlemen it can be anything crafty and it doesn't even have to be that old, just sharing the crafty love in the run up to the weekend.  Don't forget to leave me a comment below and if you can link back to here, for purely selfish reasons, I'd love to see your work too.  I will comment on all who join in this way, pinky promise!
I have picked this oldie today as we near the end of the school term, it's not a card but a small canvas using a Sizzix die.

Got to love die cuts, haven't you?
What did we do before we had them?
I have to say that Sizzix and Spellbinder are my two favourite companies when it comes to die cuts although there are so many more newer companies and versions now.

Confessions of I alone in dreading the school holidays?
When I speak to other parents they can't wait for the holidays to start.
Me I like the routine of school days and work I am afraid, get up and get going.  I find during the break the pace slows and very little gets done.
Trying to motivate my two boys some days can be plain hard work.
As a child I would have been out all summer long, I loved the freedom of my bike and would cycle miles. Today kids just want to be up in their rooms wired to the electricity.........would Mum be cruel hiding plug in gadgets during the better weather?!  Get out, get out!
We will have to wait and see what happens.

That is all from me today, I hope you have a lovely Friday.  It's dine in this weekend at work so I am thinking of my work colleagues, tomorrow will be a busy day.  I think as hubby is now back home he might be paying somewhere a visit for something nice to eat!
Catch you soon.  x


Patricia said...

Good morning Erika,
Thank you for the reminder of the "Oldie" I forgot ........ old age me thinks!!!
What a super little canvas, love it especially the wording. Just perfect for a teacher.
Glad you liked your card, you are very welcome.
You'll be fine when the boys are off. Know what you mean about "technology" Our boys arrive with their iPads if they intend staying for a while. They go in the drawer, they spend most of their time outside on bikes or just playing. Don't know why they bring them...... The iPads usually come out of the drawer when they are ready for home.
Have a fantastic weekend
Remember ........ take it easy!!!

Patricia xxx

Hazel said...

Love the oldie, And oh yes I am not looking forward to the holidays. For one it means very long days for me at work, like you it will be hard getting the girls out of their beds. Granted they will be reading. Both book worms. Enjoy having husband home again. Take it easy, Hazel xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, love the canvas and the sentiment, I too love sizzix dies, and have a few.
Gosh I can hardly remember the school hols, my Damian is 42 so it's a long time ago, but he was out playing all day, of course there was no technology then.
Have a great weekend, oh and I've got an oldie hugs Kate

Lau W said...

Superb this canvas, love it !
Have anice week-end and happy holidays to your children ! ;-)

Shazza said...

I'm with you re hols Erika, fine if we get good weather as I know mine will be out but if the sun ain't splitting the skies they will be plugged in!! At least the first two weeks we will be in caravan with no wifi xx