Monday, June 30, 2014

Perfect timing!

Hello everyone and how was your weekend?

I made it out yesterday for Sunday lunch one of our local pubs The Duffus Inn, roast beef dinner, yum.  I really enjoyed it.  The only thing I found a little disappointing was my little fussy eater could not be accommodated, don't get me wrong they had a kids menu but it had nothing he would eat on it.  He wanted a burger and as it was a set menu he couldn't have from the regular menu.  Shame really as the regular menu has a whole range of lovely items.  We could so learn from America when it comes to customer service especially in the restaurant environment.
Hand on my heart having been there a couple of times recently I do prefer their food on the regular menu so will bare that in mind in future.
I was surprised when I got home how tired a wee trip out can be.  I was warned by the consultant.
The rest of the day was

Today I went with my husband to take my Mum to the station for her journey home.  She has been my rock all week chasing up the kids and keeping on top of the house.
It might all just go pear shaped this week as I am still at least another week away from being able to drive again.  You don't know how much you appreciate this freedom until you haven't got it.  I'd hate not being able to drive on a permanent basis.
Whilst dropping Mum off I popped into work for a few bits and bobs and got these off the staff.

Aren't they lovely?
This isn't even all of them because I have another vase with the lillies in too, I couldn't put them all in the same vase.
They smell fabulous guys and I'd like to say a big thank you to all my colleagues for thinking of me, especially Roma who I believe organised them.

I started a lovely wee crochet project Saturday night and finished it Sunday, all ready to share with you today.  Then I decided I wasn't quite happy with it and unpicked it all.  It was going to be my show and tell with you today but I guess I want to get it correct first!
It would have worked but I'm afraid I am a bit of a nightmare, if it isn't passable I start again and I just wasn't happy with it.  I do however have another couple of projects to share later this week which think you will like.  Hopefully I might get inspiration to make a few cards.....surely that counts as light exercise?

I'm going to sign off for today as the children will be home soon and I have a parcel to post, today's light walk coming up.
Enjoy your Monday guys and more from me tomorrow.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, gorgeous flowers from your work mates,your house must be like Kew Gardens.

That's nonsense, they could have easily russled up a burger, your right our customer service is pants in a lot of places.
Pleased your getting out and about, take care though, hugs Kate x

Liz Miller said...

Lovely flowers Erika. Glad to read that you are still doing a little crafting and look forward to seeing the projects in the pipeline. I was thinking about you this morning whilst reading the P&J as they had an article about the European Pipe Championships held in Forres at the weekend. Hopefully your son enjoyed the experience. You continue to take care now that your helper has gone home.
Liz xxx

Hazel said...

Erika you are so right about our restaurants, why couldn't they do him something off the other menu??? Then they wonder why they fail! Oh yes you don't realise how much you enjoy your freedom till it's taken away. I had nearly 8 weeks of not being allowed to drive and when I got the go ahead I was like a big kid with a new toy. Ok their were days I couldn't drive as I was to poorly after my treatments. How lovely of your fellow staff members to give you those beautiful flowers. Take it easy, Crafting is the best thing to do. Hazel xx

Cass said...

Love the flowers Erika.I spy stocks which are one of my all time faves.I planted loads this year.I just love the scent.Hope you're still taking things easy! Love the apple card too.Perfect for teachers xx

Erika said...

Good afternoon Erika, hope you have your feet up reading this!!
Your flowers are beautiful, love the gorgeous colour combo.
I actually despair eating out in this country...........!!!
They have not got a clue, the little restaurant we use when we are in Dalyan cook us "exactly" what we want.
They have a certain beautiful starter which Hazel often has as her Main Course. The food is there for eaten you can eat it in any order you want is the reply we get.
Take it easy, the Consultant really does know what he talking about

Patricia xx