Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sticking it at ya!

Oh my, I must not be feeling well.  The reason why?
I've been in my bedroom all day cleaning out cupboards and my wardrobe.  
I might just be sickening for something!
Still lots to do but I thought I'd have a wee break and talk "Stick it" with you.
A few of you mentioned in feedback yesterday that you haven't yet used the product.  Oh my ladies, you don't know what you are missing and those of you who love your intricate dies really NEED this product, honestly.  You can trust me.
This is what I am talking about, the lovely Ken Oliver swears by it too.

You can get it in A4 or A5 side, it doesn't really matter what size you go for as I tend to trim mine down to fit a project.  
Basically you decide on the die you are using and cut a bit of stick it to match the size of the card you are cutting out.  It is sort of like a large sheet of double sided tape only much better.  To die cut you remove one side of the backing paper and attach to the card before putting through your die machine. Once the die is cut (it comes out of the dies so easy) you peel off the other side of the backing sheet and attach the die cut to your card.  
No more struggling to glue the back of those intricate dies.  It makes life so easy.  
But you don't stop there, you can add Stick it to both sides of your card before die cutting and then you have a sticky front and back.  
Why would you want that I hear you cry?  
Well, you can then peel back the front and add glitter, foil, Gilding flakes etc.... just imagine the possibilities and no waiting for anything to dry!

If you look at my card from yesterday I have glittered the lightening after sticking the die to the card and remember this one that I used the gilding flakes on?

I've also seen it used with foil to create lovely works of art.  I was looking for a link to share but can't find it just now, but keep watching this space as I have the glue, the material and the foil, I am just waiting for the perfect frame and then I shall be having a go myself.  
Another case of watching this space.  
There are just never enough hours in the day!

I am busy making my crocheting poppies just now I have 10 made except the backs I like to add a wee bit of felt before sewing on the badge, to finish them off nicely and I still have the boxes to make.  I also have another 5 to sew together this evening.
I am now on a time scale to get them all finished and I also have a couple of card orders I need to make.

I better go and finish what I started earlier, you know when you start a job and then wonder why?  
Still it needed to be sorted.
I hope you are all have a lovely Wednesday, the weather is beautiful up here, bright blue skies and sunny with a lovely warm breeze.  It is perfect drying weather, hence my washing machine has been on all morning too.
Catch you tomorrow with some more crafty fun, don't forget next time you are out craft shopping to pop a packet or two in your basket of Stick it.  You won't regret it.  


Carol said...

I keep forgetting to use my stick it...then kick myself! I do use ds tape for smaller sentiment dies though. Carol x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

You're getting better weather than we are, it's miserable here but hopefully it will be brighter tomorrow. Sounds like you have been very industrious making your beautiful poppies and cupboard cleaning too. I will keep a look out for the Stick It and give it a try.

Lau W said...

Oh wow ! This is very nice ! splendid work !
Here, after the rain of yesterday, there's a little bit of sun :-)
Have a nice day ! xxx

Barb said...

It's gorgeous Erika. Thanks for your info on the Stick It. I'll certainly be looking out for it. Barbxx