Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Have you ever been so tired?

Hi folks so it was a late post from me tonight.  I don't know where today has gone and I have just sat down to relax
In the run up to Halloween at the end of the week I thought I'd share this with you today, it did make me smile.  This is how I am feeling tonight!

I did have a card to share today unfortunately the lighting had disappeared before I could get chance to take a photo.  I guess winter is on it's way and I need to be even more organised.
Today has been a normal busy day but the time has just flown.  I got my lot off to work and school and then delivered a couple of poppies on route to work.  The poppies to be posted have been sent too except for a couple of folk I'm still to hear from.  After work I picked my boys up and then the youngest needed to pop back to town, he was most disgusted that I managed a little food shopping at the same time!
Home to make tea and tidy round, nothing out of the ordinary I hear you cry but it's nearly nine o'clock, time to round my two up for supper.
On that note I must leave you, here's hoping I have more hours in the day tomorrow so I can share a little crafting with you. 
I've even had one of my stencils and some glitter out!

Have a lovely evening, back tomorrow. 


Carol said...

I often used to wish I was in bed without the bother when I was working and the kids were younger Erika! Look forward to seeing your makes. Carol x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Ha, ha love this picture.
Time just seems to evaporate here too, I have my market stall at the end of the week - that month soon came round. I have been frantically trying to make as many things as I can in between orders and haven't had time to blog at all.
I admire how you fit in a young family and work as well, I used to do it, but I've obviously gotten out of the habit. Try not to get too tired though or those nasty winter bugs will be lurking just waiting for your guard to come down. Take care,

Barb said...

Hi Erika, Well yes, that piccie of the little bat is so sweet and did make me smile too. Sounds as if you've had an extra busy day not sitting down till 9.00. Glad you've had one of your stencils and some glitter out. I guess you've been playing with some of that new stash. Look forward to seeing what you've done. Thanks for your earlier visit. Barbxx

Hazel said...

Erika, I can relate to your kind of day. That was me up till a couple of months ago. Now I don't do all that but still don't have any more time. Love your wee bat photo, it did make me smile. Hope you have a better day. Hazel xxx

Lau W said...

Hihiii ! fun image !!!!!
Have a nice day Erika ! Rain today here pfff !

Diane said...

Love the picture Erika, I have had days like that. We are certainly having Fall weather, it gets dark early, lots of rain and wind.

Hugs Diane

cuilliesocks said...

Crivens, it took me a while to work out that it was a bat I was looking at, honestly I do wonder about myself sometimes.

Yes I've been that tired, so I hope you are putting your feet up tonight, Kate x