Saturday, October 10, 2015

How about a bit of a yarn this Saturday?

Good morning to you and how are you this Saturday?
It's that time of the week where I pick a few quotes in order to tickle your creative funny bone, it is the weekend after all!
I will be at work so I picked these for you yesterday, this weeks theme is crocheting.

This made me smile.  I have visions of  a stunt man in my head sat crocheting, it made me smile!

Oh me oh my, this one could appear to be a little sad but then only a crafter would understand the excitement that is created with a new product to stroke.  All none crafters are now thinking out loud "weirdo" meanwhile all crafters are nodding with agreement.  Am I right?  I hope so. 

This one really made me laugh today, why?  Well it is very true in this house.  I always sit in the corner of my front room to crochet, next to my daylight lamp and table.  Looking around my room now it is the only table that is cluttered, hooks, felt, thistles finished, balls of wool, scissors, crafty books and magazines....need I go on?
You get the picture don't you?
I like the logic, if the dust can't lay on the table that's one less job to do! 
More time to craft.

That's all from me today, I do hope you liked my choice of quotes this Saturday.  I shall be working then enjoying the rugby today, then I'm off for a couple of weeks.  Yippee.  As we have no real plans I am hoping for an influxes of creative mojo! 
Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned and happy crafting. 


karenlotty said...

Ha ha! I love your Saturday funnies. They all apply to me, especially the second one. I often think that I'd rather stay in and craft or read my newest crafty book (OH wants to go salsa dancing tonight I'd rather stay in and watch Strictly and knit!). I've just posted my oldie

Jo said...

So true....and so me lol xx

Barb said...

Great weekend funnies Erika. I know just what you mean. Substitute papercrafting for crochet and you could be talking about me. Is that sad? Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

Carol said...

Definitely true in this house Erika! Carol x