Thursday, October 08, 2015

Ready steady BAKE!

Well, did you watch it last night?

What a final.  Did your eyes become all watery at the end also?
Loved this years series of The Great British Bake off, the best yet.  Lots of difficult challenges, so many bakes I'd not even heard off.
I started championing Iain but last night I was rooting for Nadia, I just think she has grown so much throughout the competition and came across a lovely person.  Her facial expressions were brilliant as was her rapport with Mary and Paul.
I do find the only disappointing thing about the program is that it makes you want to eat lots of cake! Well, it would be rude not to.

The bake off was followed by Dr Foster, wow, what a great series, if you didn't watch it do. It was the final episode last night and it was gripping!

I've been keeping a low profile on here this week, hubby has been on nights so I've picked up lots that he would generally do.  I've been working and then all the usual jobs and running around after the kids.
My youngest one is back to school today and feeling much better.  It's book day today and he has a specific book in mind, being the last class to be able to make a purchase, I wonder will he get it?
At work the theme of Halloween and Christmas is definitely taking hold with new food and gifts arriving daily, the calm before the storm that is the festive season.  It does get pretty crazy as Christmas approaches.
I was moving equipment yesterday and have a sore back today, so an easy day is planned, maybe a little crafting instead of housework?  I'd only wake hubby who is sleeping off his night shift so crafting it is then!  (Best excuse ever for not doing the housework!)
I also have the uncontrollable urge to bake after last nights final, most bizzare.  My youngest did make me smile at the end of the show because he looked at me and said, mum I love your baking especially your chocolate cake but I don't think you should apply to go on the Bake off.  When I asked why he just said very matter of fact, "well you are just not up to that standard!"
Aye thanks for the dose of plain thinking!  Out of the mouth of babes.  I better keep up the practise then.

Back to crafting and today I have a bespoke card I made for a good friend at work.  It is her hubby's 60th, he is ex RAF (he was a rock ape!) and now works on the buses.  I think the brief was covered!

My friend loved it so I hope her hubby does too.

That's all from me today, the washing machine is frantically going as the weather is beautiful and sunny, very welcome after two days of dreich drizzly damp days.  It's isn't as warm as it has been but who really cares if the sun is shining?
Now what will I get up to today?
I am determined to do some crafting of one form or another.  Have a great Thursday and don't forget it's oldie time again tomorrow, it's been a very quick week here.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

I didn't watch the bake-off but I did watch Dr Foster and really enjoyed it, there haven't been too many dramas on the TV that I've fancied lately.
Loved your card and you managed to cover all the topics beautifully. Sunny here too at the moment, washing on the line and now I'm off to do a little crafting too.

Barb said...

Haha Love it and I bet Jim does too.

I haven't watched the Bake Off this year and last night watched Aldershot lose in their footie match on TV. They are my home town side. My dad used to take me from a young age and that's where my love of football began. I did enjoy the drink and cake in the cafe with the "Tall Stools" on the way home too!

We did watch Dr Foster and I agree it was not to be missed. Isn't she a fantastic actress. I've enjoyed everything I've seen her in since Corrie.

I'm glad that your littley is better now. Make him some chocolate cake! Barbxx

marion said...

What a lovely card, so sorry, I do not follow those programss, but love to see how fab cakes are made, lots of hugs Marion

cuilliesocks said...

Fabulous card Erika. Don't watch programmes like these, much prefer a good drama. I do like however Mary's recipes, like Delia's they are always idiot proof, and do what they say on the tin, so to speak, Kate x