Monday, October 19, 2015

A work in progress.

Afternoon and how are you this Monday afternoon?
I hope you had a good weekend.  A few jobs under my belt and all my ironing, whilst watching the rugby and shouting at the TV.  On the crafty side a few more poppies under my belt too.

Remember last week I mentioned having some crafty fun with my youngest?
This is what we got up to....

My mum gave me some painted wooden pumpkins just recently after clearing out one of her cupboards, as I didn't like the finish on them I decided to give them a crafty makeover.  I don't very often do a little decoupaging but I thought it would be a fun activity during the school holidays and that my wee man could help me.
They're a work in progress as unlike girl helpers, boys (in my world) only have a limited concentration span.  I am hoping to get him back on task at some point this week.  We have 9 pumpkins in 3 sizes to finish, one side on each is now finished and dry hopefully the other side will get done tomorrow.

Although my wee man enjoys getting clarty he did find the pumpkins a little fiddly so decided to leave me to finish them opting instead to decorate a larger wooden letter.

He picked some tartan and thistle napkins I had purchased a while ago for just a project and set to work with his initial.  I think the bigger project was more enjoyable, with one side completed and left to dry I just now need to wait for the perfect timing to suggest completing the other side!

When the children were small they used to really enjoy crafting with mum, the eldest is "so" past that age now, I am enjoying what little time I have left with the wee one.  It doesn't seem so long ago that I had them both sat up at the table potato printing, making lots of mess.  Doesn't time fly!
Happy times.
What crafty things do you or did you get up to in the school holidays?

That's all from me today, I better go and feed the family.
We have the new Jurassic film for viewing tonight with film night ahoy!
Catch you again tomorrow.


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, great work in progress, will look forward to seeing the finished result.
Didn't Scotland do well, what a pity that penalty was given, enjoy your evening, Kate x

Barb said...

How lovely to see you crafting with your little boy Erika. I remember doing some collage with my son, many years ago now. Enjoy your family film night. Barbxx

Carol said...

Yes boys definitely get fed up quicker than girls do! He's doing a good job though and if the pumpkins aren't finished this year they'll do next lol! Hope you enjoyed your evening. Carol x

Jo said...

Ooh, potato printing takes me back a few years.....made me laugh too as one of my boys always tried to eat the potatoes! I do love a bit of decoupage....can't beat a bit of sticky mess lol. Hope you enjoyed your film night!
hugs Jo x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Fun projects going on, it's lovely when the children want to craft with you, they soon grow out of it though. Look forward to seeing the finished pumpkins.