Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Watch out Granny's theres a crochet hook out!

Morning, sorry I missed you all yesterday.  I was in M & S first thing getting wine and nibbles for my Jamie do last night, which went very well.  I had a house full of lovely friends, lots of giggles and great company, so thank you very much for coming.  x 
You all know who you are!!
I've got some lovely goodies coming my way, which I'll show you when they arrive and Jamie blew me a kiss.........now wouldn't it be kind to collect in person?  LOL. 
That sounds so wrong!
Even my boys watched and joined in and refused to go upstairs out of the way. 
Holly was centre of all the attention too and hubby and his friend Phil helped in the kitchen with drinks and food, which I was very grateful for, thanks to you guys. 
Phil makes a mean chutney and brought some round for me recently, it went mighty fine with the food.....our very own Jamie!  He even roped the boys into the kitchen making the salad and dressing. 
A right family affair. (He's Holly's human dad, if you know what I mean).

My afternoon yesterday was spent tidying the house....to which my eldest boy said "Mum I've never seen the house so tidy!"
I don't know whether to be pleased, as a teenager, that he noticed or upset because the rest of the time the house isn't tidy?!*  :)
No one went into my craft room which is where I hid all the bits and bobs that usually get left lying around....I've had to climb in to reach this computer today so guess this room will be my next project!

Back to crafting and today I wanted to show you my recent Granny square, this time using lovely wool rather than cotton.  I know I was going to show you two or threes squares and see which you preferred for my cushions but my pal Irene was around recently and she picked the one I was edging towards, so job done.....this is the colour combo I am making my cushions out of.

Now you might think what a strange colour combo but when you see it next to my new chairs you will understand why....

Honest in the daylight the colours match really well!
My wool is from Three Bags Wool in Aberlour, oh it's a knitter and crocheters paradise.
The square was created using a size 5 hook. 
I now just have to get my skates on and produce another 17!!  Phew.

That's all from me today I have a few bespoke cards to catch up on this morning and then a couple of rooms to tidy...might as well carry on the cleaning whilst I'm in the mood.....it doesn't happen very often! 
Have a super Tuesday and happy crafting!  x


Hazel said...

So glad all went well with your Jamie night, and good that you hard so much helpers. When my daughter Tammy had the party for Derek's birthday in the house she cleaned the house from top to bottom and every corner hid toys etc. I am sure no one would have noticed. Saying that I am working till 6.30 then it will be a clean up of my house can't go away leaving it.

Hazel x

cuilliesocks said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening Erika, good food, good wine and even better company.

Wonderful granny square, bgosh you are really going for it now. Love your colours, and i know i would like that chair, gorgeous plaid pattern and colours, hugs Kate X

Kat said...

Lovely square Erika,it goes really well with your chair. I've just had a lovely browse round your blog. I'm at my daughter's in Crieff just now and it's great to have Internet access after hardly being able to get online for weeks. On the plus side I've done quite a lot of knitting and crocheting. In fact I'm planning to visit the lovely wool shop here in Crieff while I'm here. Ask my family - I can't resist a good wool shop!

Kat xx

Shazza said...

was lovely to see you the other night Erika, sorry it was a flying visit. Chutney sounds scrummy! Love the square, great colours and I am off for a nosey at the wool shop x