Friday, October 04, 2013

Time for tea?

Afternoon all.
No post again from me yesterday.  I had a few errands to run in the morning then I caught up with my pal Irene for my next crochet lesson.  By jove I think I've got it!  LOL. 
Then I had the delight of appointments for all of us at the opticians.
That was my day gone. 
I'm happy as my prescription hasn't changes enough to warrant new glasses, phew. 
My youngest has got new ones and mighty fine they are too, he looks quite intelligent in them.  He smiled when I said that. 
The other trip I went on was back to the Auctions in Elgin.  On Wednesday I popped to my local craft shop to see Kate and then to the supermarket for food, whilst passing the Auctions I had the desire to pop in.  I left a couple of bids on boxes of items and actually won one.
This is my new tea service.....

Don't get me wrong I have a couple of good tea services I've had since my Wedding but I don't like to use them....why do we keep things for best?!
I keep them because every time I use them something seems to get broken.  That is the main reason it only comes out occasionally.  With this set I can use it every day and not worry. 
A proper cup of tea in a china cup....just need some cake now!
I feel the need to bake.
I don't think there is any age to them but I do like the has teal in it!  What's not to like? 
I don't think that they're overly girlie either....cause I don't do girlie.  ;)
The other lot I was outbid on but such is life.  I just don't like being at the rooms when the auction is on, I daren't move in case I buy something I don't want.

Moving on...the card I'm sharing today is another CAS bespoke card with the brief this time being for a lady who gardens and had travelled the world cruising. 

I like the idea of the map being a poster on the wall as the plant pots are to be filled and watered.
That's my thinking behind the card anyway.
I have a Spellbinder die in there, a couple of buttons, a stamp from docrafts Seed packets and some Earth flower soft.

So what do you have planned for the weekend?
I'm in work tomorrow but my hubby is involved with our local "Harbour day".  If you are around Hopeman tomorrow afternoon between 12 and 4 pop to the harbour, lots to do and see, with home bakes, local beers and boat rides to be had, to name but a few.  It sounds as if it will be a super afternoon and the forecast looks good too.
No plans for my on Sunday as yet but as I'm having friends over Monday evening for a Jamie Oliver party maybe some house work will be in order.

Have a super weekend.  x


Shazza said...

oooh you are posh, must pop over for a cuppa

cuilliesocks said...

Great card Erika, love the map and your design.

Really lovely teaset, I do like a china cup for my Lady Grey, I think it makes the tea taste very different to a pottery mug, have a great weekend, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Love your tea set, I like my tea out of a china mug, but do like when I go to my friends house as she still uses cups and saucers. I have a Victorian tea set left to me, but it is so fine I dare not use it, it gets washed and put back in the glass cabinet, you are so right about we keep things for best. I stopped doing this a few years back and started using my good dinner set for every day as It only saw the light of day now and again.
Your card is great and fits the bill for the lady receiving it.
Harbour day sounds like fun, hope it goes well and the weather is good. Hazel xxx

PharmacyMichele said...

Fantastic card, your tea set looks good. Hope you have as much fun at your Jamie Oliver party as I did recently-4 hours later & many bottles of fizz I staggered over the road to my house!


Patricia said...

Must call,over to your house for a cuppa using your "posh" Tea Set.
Great card perfect for the occasion.
What a fantastic day they got for the celebrations in Hopeman if your weather was anything like our gorgeous day down in Perthshire.
Have a Great Sunday ... What is a Jamie Oliver Party???

Patricia xxx

Liz Miller said...

Like you Erika, I have a pretty tea set with matching dinner plates etc which I collected for my "bottom drawer" and they've never been used. You've created another perfect personalised card with this one bringing different elements of the recipient's personality together. Hope the party goes well tonight.
Liz xx