Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Now that's a first for me!

Morning, now I forgot to ask yesterday how the kids got on back at school? 
Mum's did you enjoy getting back to normal? 
I've been busying away getting ready for this Sunday's demo at The Papeterie so haven't taking full advantage of the freedom.  I also probably have at least a couple of weeks good housework to crack on with and an ironing pile back to it's usual level after being away.  Boo, hiss.

Thanks for all your lovely comments yesterday and in answer to your question will be at Edinburgh, just like old times!
Elaine you did make me smile with your response, I did as I was told and made a cuppa before reading.  LOL. 
It is lovely to read all your comments and I do like to then pop on over to your place and see what you've been busy with. 

Did you enjoy the return of the Great British bake off last night?
I did.  I love Mary and Paul's response when tasting the food, Paul, the silver fox had me giggle when he spit a mouthful out last night, salt not sugar, blurgh! 
Mind you we all watched the show in our house and agreed at the end...boy did we need a large slice of cake, if only we got to taste test too.  I was told to get in the kitchen and get baking to which my response can't be typed on here! 
My hubby's response was to text my best mate, who had obviously also been watching because she asked him "salt or sugar?!"

I also found a Kirsty Allsopp show about entertaining from home.  I do love her vim and vigor to get the country trying crafts and making things by hand, she has done wonders for the industry encouraging those, unlike us "crafters" to embrace the homemade ethos. 
Mind you she does make me smile though and it's only my own observation....but not everyone has the means (if you know what I mean) to regularly entertain at home large groups with such a spread where the joint of ham alone was £70.  Or is that just me? 
She also has the best experts to hand....which is always a winner. 
That said I do enjoy all her programs and take bits from them that I know can work for me.  In fact when I get a bee in my bonnet about going around the auctions to find treasures my hubby has taken to calling me Kirsty!
My problem of course being I never finish anything for myself.  I problem I tend to rectify......soon!

Anyway enough of my chat I have some crafting to crack on with.....I have some Christmas spellbinder dies with my name on....I can here them calling my name and no I haven't had a drink, except my statutory morning cup of tea.
Whilst busy I thought I'd share this with you.......trumpet first granny square......

Now it isn't perfect and there is a mistake which I didn't pick up till I'd finished, but practise makes perfect.  I put a £1 coin next to it so you can see how small it is.  LOL.
You see I prefer cotton to wool and therefore I have to use a smaller hook.....I think I might have to convert to wool or I'll be making a blanket for ages. 
I am a novice with yarn and wools, plies etc.....but am starting to pick up the lingo, one thing puzzles me. 
Why call wool, wool when it is acrylic? 
Surely if you are going to the effort of making something so time consuming for someone, cotton or wool is the way to go? 
Do they both not wear better over time than acrylic?
I realise that cost is a big factor....having just bought a ball of cotton for the cost of a Spellbinder standard die...but it is wonderful, I must take a photograph and show you all.  Just my colours!
An extravagance of course but I'm hoping once worked it will be lovely.  Another project in the making.

Anyway that's all from me today, have a super crafty hump day....back tomorrow with more.  x

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