Sunday, August 18, 2013


Afternoon as Arnold would say I'm back!
Did you miss me, I doubt it.
I made a last minute booking down near my family in the North of  England to catch up with everyone before the children go back to school this week. 
I was promised Wi-Fi connection which is why I didn't mention anything before going.  I fully intended on posting whilst there.  Needless to say the connection at the site was poor and my father couldn't remember his password so very little access over the week, spits and spots would be more appropriate.
I caught up with my brothers new baby who was born in January and my pals baby who was born in June.  Babies r us!  Plus my parents, aunt, friends, nieces and nephews.
I had plenty of bosies and very little craft time. 
I did manage a little crocheting but that was about all.
I did manage a trip here......

But why I here you cry?

For one of these.....nomn, nomn. 
For those of you who haven't tried one it is a Lemon top ice-cream and a speciality of Pacitto's at Redcar.  I love them and they remind me of Sunday mornings spent walking the dog with my dad and brother, as a child.  The area has totally changed now but the ice-cream is still the best.
The beach at Redcar I don't think is as nice as ours here in the north of Scotland but it is famous. 
Have you seen the film Atonement? 
Well, that was filmed on Redcar beach.

We stayed at Tocketts Mill caravan park not far from my parents. 
We took the pup which was an adventure in it's self as she doesn't like travelling in the car.  She was a little unsettled during the week which was only to be expected but now she is back home she appears to be back to her normal self. 
It was a chilled out week with friends and family, no internet, games and books instead, oh and lots of eating.  Yep, the waist band has taken a hit but once the school is back I'm afraid it's back on plan for me too.

That's all from me today, the family and I have been invited out for Sunday tea and then hope to go to the cinema to see The Lone Ranger at the pictures with the lovely Johnny Depp.  Mmmm.
More from me tomorrow.

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