Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who knew I could be a Candi girl?

Good morning and how are you today?
Whilst walking along the beach with the sun shining and just the dog for company I got to thinking, how lucky I am to live where I do.  I know I say it often but having turned on the news this morning to find the horrendous attacks in Brussels, what is happening in the world?
The mind boggles at the senseless violence against people who have no means to fight back.
It is just dreadful.

Then the tragic accident for the family in Ireland who's car fell into the sea.
So very sad.  The man who rescued the baby and tried helping the rest of the family was interviewed this morning on TV, he said they just couldn't get out of the car as it filled so quickly with water.  Scary.
My husband regularly turns his car around down at the harbour in our village and I hate it as you reach the point where you can't see the road.  

Closer to home on Sunday one of the boys in my eldest boys year at school was killed, he was hit by a car whilst out cycling.
What that family must be going through.
He seems to have been a real outdoor boy loving his mountain biking.
My eldest reported that school was very difficult yesterday.  What can you say?  I personally didn't know the boy but when your child is the same age at the same school it does hit home.
My thoughts go out to the family and all his friends I am truly gutted for them all.

How do I move to crafting from all the sad news at the moment?  It seems so insignificant in comparison.  In fact it is no comparison at all.
All we can do is pass on our concern for others but the reality is that life goes on for everyone else and it is how we deal with these issues that makes us who we are.
The recommendations from the experts go on as normal but be super vigilant when out in crowded areas.  That takes me right back to the start of this post and my wander along the beach alone with the dog.  Living where we do we lose out on lots of things, choice is limited for entertainment and shopping, travelling to destinations is always longer but I wouldn't change it for the world.  The fact I could sit on a bench in the sunshine with my dog watching the sea and the birds going about their business whilst elsewhere the world is in turmoil, it truly is priceless.

Now onto crafting and I promised yesterday to show you my results of playing with my new Candi colouring pad by Craftwork cards.

As I mentioned yesterday I used my prisma pencils to colour this card and then added my candi topping off with a little of Diamond stickles and a bow of satin ribbon to coordinate.
I am enjoying this colouring in at leisure and then making into a CAS card later approach to card making.  Who knows it might even catch on!  :D

That's all from me today I have another card to make for a friend and then lots of lovely housework waiting for me, hurrah!  Not.
Today I am going to be positive and grateful for all I have.  Big hugs to all of you out there who are dealing with one trauma or another.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, I know what you mean, the news is terrible just now, whether it's bombs or the disgraceful treatment towards the disabled folk by this horrendous tory govt. it does put your own niggles into perspective.
I had to get in touch with my son this morning as he goes regularly to Brussels for work, but he isn't due to go until next week, whether he will or not I don't know, but it's a worry.

Thank goodness for a bit of crafting to calm our nerves and bring a bit of peace to our souls. Gorgeous card and the colours and design are just so pretty. I do love floral cards.
Continue to enjoy your walks with Holly, Kate x

Cara said...

Love the way the card turned out, very pretty and feminine. It's so sad to hear the latest news, we've shown great resilience as a nations not the past. I still remember the Manchester and Warrington bombings and the fear that went with them. I just try and focus like you, on all the positives. Take care, Cara x

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
I know what you mean about such things one can't begin to imagine how their families are feeling.
So tragic about that young boy with most of life not yet lived.
My heart goes out to anybody suffering at the mo.
Your area you live in sounds idyllic.
Great card, and such lovely colouring as well.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

The news this morning from Brussels was awful, what is this world coming to. To think that this atrocity is what some evil minded people think is ok to inflict on innocent families beggars belief. All in the name of religion too - and a supposedly peaceful religion at that. You're right we need to count our blessings.
On to crafting and a subject that bridges all religions and faiths - what a pretty card Erika, I love the colours and sparkling Candi centres on those flowers. A gorgeous CAS design too.

Barb said...

I was touched by your post today Erika. Many years ago we went to the funeral of my son's friend. We didn't know the parents well at that time but knew Simon very well. Five years later they came to our son's funeral. We have had a very special friendship since. My heart really goes out to the parents you spoke about.

Well to crafting, I love the card you have made. what a lovely idea to have a colouring book that has pictures that are small enough to make into cards. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with that. It is very portable too. Something I'm going to look out for. Barbxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Everything else pales into insignifiacance when matched against all the horror and death. Your card is beautiful and cheery though x