Monday, March 07, 2016

Bagging your retirement.

Good morning and how are you today?
Happy Mother's day to all you mums out there for yesterday.  I hope you had a lovely day?
My youngest took great delight at waking me at 6 am to wish me all the best and thrust a card in my face, together with a bucket of sweet peas and my favourite chocolates.  Whilst my eldest made me a cup of tea in a new mug.  Both of them then disappeared until feeding time as they required their regular weekend electrical top up!
I therefore enjoyed a lovely walk with the dog in the sunshine along the beach.  It was a bit nippy but I was wrapped up warm and the sun made all the difference.
I then had a big decision to make, ironing or cleaning the bathroom.  I took the easy option and thought "blow it" and sat and crocheted instead.
Well, it was Mother's day!

On Saturday we had our staff night out at the Drouthy Cobbler in Elgin, what a giggle.
Unfortunately I was driving but it didn't stop me having fun.  We had a few games and I won a couple of prizes, a cadbury's creme egg and some nougat.  I also won money behind the bar but as I wasn't drinking I passed it to someone else who was.  There is only so much lime and soda the body can take!
The food was amazing, I wish I'd had a doggy bag as there was loads.
I love the Drouthy, it's so nice to go to a place on a Saturday night with an atmosphere and character where you don't have to shout over the music, with good food and drink.  It is a grown up pub for adults, if you get my drift!
As well as being our belated Christmas do it was also Moira's retirement and I was asked to make her card.  Moira did spend a lot of her time at the tills so I had this in mind making the card.

I made the carrier bag and the wee purse and credit card are Dress it up buttons.

My craft exploits at the weekend were all of the crochet variety as I could snuggle on the sofa with the dog, next to the fire, cosy and warm, whilst catching up on some of my favourite shows that I had taped.  Basically a very relaxing weekend.  What did you get up to?  Anything exciting?
More from me tomorrow, the bathroom and ironing still await my attention, boo, hiss.


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, well deserved too. Glad you managed to indulge in a bit of relaxing crochet on Mother's Day, after all that's what your day is for, you.
Lovely retirement card, so fitting and apt for your work colleague and sounds like you gave her a great send off too.
Woke up to a bit of snow this morning, hope it doesn't last too long.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

What a lovely weekend you had, well done on not working yesterday, they can wait. The restaurant spunds good and your card is fabulous. Love the wee bag you made

Hazel said...

Brilliant Erika, love it. Oh you sound like you have had a good weekend. Hazel xxx

Cara said...

Brilliant retirement card, just perfect! Glad that you ignored the chores yesterday. I know exactly what you mean about the lime and soda (my usual tipple with the joys of not being able to drink on meds) sometimes I'll go mad and have a pineapple and lemonade! Have a great day today, Cara x

Jacki Daniels said...

Ho Erika well it sounds like you had a fab weekend. Oh to walk along the beach that would be lovely no matter how nippy I remember when I used to go on holiday with Mom & Dad (caravan) and every morning about 6.30.7 am Dad would always take the dog for a walk along the beach and I used to try to get up and go with him it was great walking along there with no one for miles, oh that takes me back lol.
You're a girl after my own heart forget the H/W craft instead hahaha
What a brilliant card I love it clever thinking and putting together.
You don't see many of those pubs nowadays do you they're very few and far between there aren't enough proper pubs
Anyway have a great week

Lau W said...

What a nice week-end !
Your card is superb, love the bag !

Patricia said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend.
Absolutely brilliant card.
Patricia xxx

Barb said...

The card is lovely and great recycling. It sounds as if you had a lovely weekend. Super presents from your sons. I hope you've not eaten all that chocolate yet. The evening out with your friends sounds fun. Barbxx