Monday, March 14, 2016

What a weekend!

Good morning all and how are you today, it's another beautiful sunny day up here in the North of Scotland.  The sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view!

How was your weekend?

I know Cara has had a good one as she was at a crafting weekend with the lovely Hels at her Ink Buds Weekend.  I have been to a crafty class with Hels and she is a lovely talented lady so I know all the ladies who have gone to the event would have had a super weekend.

Then there is the rugby, a win for England and a win for Scotland.  Could the results be any better?
England played brilliant against Wales on Saturday dominating the first half but it got very close towards the end of the second half.  Exciting times.
I missed the game on Sunday where Scotland played France.  I was gutted but on the upside I was crafting with my pals.  Having seen the highlights later in the day it looks as if it was a cracking match, so glad to see Scotland winning, they deserve it.  The fans in the stadium sounded amazing too, would loved to have been there.  What an atmosphere.
I got home just in time for the match starting on Saturday, timed to perfection, a beer thrust in my hand and I plonked down on my chair and enjoyed the match after a busy day at work.  My hubby's pal came over again to watch the match, I provided nibbles (well, Mr M & S did!) and he cooked another curry, this time a red Thai curry, nomm, nomm with my hubby as assistant!
The evening was only marred by my little man being ill again.  Bless.  He is off today but feeling better, still a little queasy.

Yesterday as I mentioned I was cropping in the village with a few of my crafty friends.  I had seen a tweet earlier in the week from PaperCrafter for anyone who has a craft group to give them a shout out, which I duly did.  So ladies look out in issue 94 out next month on the 8th for a wee mention.
This is what I was up to yesterday.

It's coming together slowly but then there was lots of chatting and drinking of tea going on too, maybe even the odd treat!

I did mention we also have a see view from our village hall, this isn't the best of pictures as I didn't take my good camera, I have just used my mobile.  You can just see the sea in the background and the hills of the top of the North East coast of Scotland if you strain your eyes and squint!

Maybe you can't see the hills but you can definitely see the sea.

Not many of us at this month's crop with lots of ladies having other things on this weekend but for those of us who made it, we are busy beavering away with current projects.

The size of the crop varies from month to month depending on who can make it.  Sometimes we have a hall full sometimes just a handful of us.  I do try and pick weekends after discussing with all the ladies which date suits best but as with everything life just gets in the way of fun now and again.

That's all from me ladies I must check on my wee man and then I have a couple of orders to complete for a friend.  Enjoy the rest of you week and more from me tomorrow.


Cara said...

Oh wow, your blanket is looking gorgeous, you must be so pleased with it. Glad you had a good weekend too, sorry that your little man is poorly, hope he feels much better soon. Cara x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, gorgeous blanket, bet the sewing together is the worse part, but oh so worth it in the end.
Lovely view, and today our weather is glorious, Kate x

Barb said...

Hi Erika, Glad you enjoyed your weekend. There may not have been many at the crop but they all look as if they're enjoying themselves. Your crochet is looking pretty and what a gorgeous view from your hall.

You were spoilt again with another curry. I bet he's a welcome visitor to your home. Sorry to hear your little boy is unwell again. I do hope he'll be feeling better again very soon. Good luck with the orders. Barbxx

Lau W said...

Oh this is niiiiice, fab crochet !
Hope your boy is better !