Saturday, March 05, 2016

It's Saturday again, time for some creative funnies.

Good morning and how are you this today?
It's the weekend and I am not working, yippee.  Just me and my boys so I am planning on squeezing in a little craft time but ssshhh don't tell anyone.
I've also got my work Christmas night out!  Early or late, that is the question.  Work is just so busy over the festive season this year we have waited till everything is quieter.

You know the drill by now I have found a few funny craft related quotes this week and today I share them with you in the hope of brightening your weekend or at least making you smile, so without further ado.

Can you guess my theme again this week?
I so need that t-shirt.

Oh and I love this quote too.

Now then Harry, I like my stick better!

This final quote had me laughing out loud.
Something for the weekend!

Now ladies don't you wish you had nose warmer at this time of year?
I like the tassel on the end, you could add a bead and rotate it just for fun!  Or a wee bell!
I'm sure this could be adapted for men too!  ;)
I shall not add further to that sentence other than to say, is your imagination going where mine is?!*
I doubt it.

I think I better leave you to the weekend before I dig an even deeper hole.
Have a fun filled crafty making weekend and enjoy.
More from me again soon.


Barb said...

Hi Erika, yes the same thought sprang to my mind too! Enjoy your crafting. I'm of to Coleman's Craft Warehouse for their demo day with friends. Bet I need to buy something. Barbxx

Patricia said...

Good morning Erika,
Great funnies once again, love the Tshirt.
Sorry I did not participate yesterday, we have a lot going on here at the moment.
Blogging is not "top" of the list.
Have a great weekend
Patricia xxx

Cara said...

I think I was born in the gutter! Have a lovely weekend, Cara x

karenlotty said...

Great funnies The last one made me laugh out loud too Many, many years ago I was asked to make someting similar for the men in my office for Christmas They were to fit a piece of "equipment" further down their anatomy! They began with "W" and ended with "Warmers" Posted my oldie today