Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's the weekend time for some Easter funnies.

Good morning and I hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend?
I think today will be a busy one with everyone picking up food and treats last minute for tomorrow but whilst I am beavering away I thought I'd share some funnies with you.
This week I am taking a break from the crafty funny quotes and sharing a few seasonal ones instead.
These are what made me smile this week.  I hope they bring a smile to your weekend too.

We still have snow on the hills up here in Scotland so Santa I hope you are listening.  I'm sure I am not alone in thinking it's now time for a little more sunshine and flowers?

We are very lucky to always be visited by the Easter bunny in this house, leaving lots of treats in the garden for an egg hunt.  The draw of chocolate and treats is too strong so everyone plays along!  (If you get my drift!)  ;)
Did you know as well as delivering eggs the bunny also has top tips?  Who knew? 
I thought these are very useful, the boys like number two, personally it was number three that made me giggle.

Any basket cases out there this Easter?

I hope you are not feeling hollow?

Finally this one made me really giggle having recently re watched The Silence of the Lambs.  
Who knew it was an Easter movie?!

Bless, poor little bunny.

That's all from me today, enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend.
More crafty "going-ons" from me next week.


Cara said...

Great Easter funnies although the frost one scared me a little! Hope work's not too manic and you enjoy the egg hunt. I'm off to clean out my Easter bunnies now, they only leave me "currants" rather than eggs! Cara x

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Oh Erika, that is just what I needed to have a chuckle with your post. Made me laugh out loud....

Rain and wind here today and rather cold.

Crafty hugs Pen x

cuilliesocks said...

Brilliant as usual Erik. Enjoyed my curry, well it was a lamb korma, absolutely wonderful and not been upset yet, but I'm loathed to that my blood sugar reading it will be sky high, but once in a while what the hell!.
Enjoy your evening, Kate x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Fantastic funnies today Erika, loved the first one, he is rather fierce though :)
Enjoy your Easter Sunday!