Thursday, March 24, 2016

Time for a little more candi.

Good afternoon folks and how are you this Thursday?  The week is fairly whizzing by.
I made the lethal mistake of sitting down with a cuppa after returning from my walk today.
If I get sat with a cuppa and put the TV I have a very bad habit of loosing a couple of hours.
This morning was no exception but I did have a giggle in the process.  I love This Morning with Phil and Holly, they have such a great rapport on screen.
Well, this morning there was a crafty feature so I thought it would be rude not to catch it.  I have never laughed so much.  At the end of the feature Holly and Phil had bunny ears on made with a Alice band and two sanitary pads!  Phil didn't realise they were sticky on the back and got his hand stuck.
Oh I did laugh.  Guess you had to be there, but I so needed a giggle.
Needless to say the said housework is still awaiting my attention!
I'm feeling a little rebellious today so have come into my craft room instead.
I guess you could say that I'm living dangerously as my hubby shall be home later this evening and he is bound to comment if the place is not tidy.
And my answer to that....let him comment.  I am mum and dad when he is away and sometimes as fast as you tidy and clean it gets dirty again.  Two boys and a dog, it has taken me a long time to just chill and not worry about it.
Quite frankly I'd rather be crafting!

Talking of crafting today I have another of my candi colouring pages from Craftwork cards to share with you all.

Again I have coloured with my prisma pencils, white candi, Distress glitter Diamond, finishing off with a gingham frame and a little blue string.
These colouring pages are great little projects with the beauty that they fit perfectly on a 6" square card.
As I said earlier this trend could catch on!

Today I am joining another challenge over at the Butterfly challenge blog.  The theme on this occasion being butterflies, margins and mint.  Now I have got butterflies, there is a touch of mint on my leaves and how about my frame be classed a margin?  Maybe?!  I'll let you decide.

That's all from me today I guess I really should show willing and go and "turn on" my Dyson.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who would rather be colouring in or hooking?


Rainey's Craft Room said...

You are among a vast club of ladies who would rather be crafting than doing housework Erika, so don't feel alone. I agree with you, as fast as you clean it's being undone right behind you, it's soul destroying. The housework will always be there so go and enjoy a little crafty break, you have my permission :o)
Your card is gorgeous! The pretty image and clean lines of the gingham frame make for a very fresh and Spring themed card, love it.

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Afternoon, I know where you are coming from ... have a cuppa and watch tv afternoon gone! But I do tend to have the TV on while crafting.

Love your card, must get out my candi colour me out I have some cards to do with bees and this has reminded me.

Enjoy your weekend. Crafty hugs Pen x

Cara said...

Beautiful colouring, it looks fab teamed with the gingham frame and how many attempts did it take you to get that bow perfect!
Sometimes you just have to say stuff the housework and relax. If hubby's upset by the mess he can tidy it up (a girl can dream after all)
Hope you had a relaxing afternoon, This morning sounds hilarious, maybe it'll be on YouTube later. Take care, Cara x

cuilliesocks said...

Well said Missis, as well as being a mum, wife and dog adoptee, you are also Erika who needs me time and time for your hobbies, so sod the housework, don't ever feel gulity about that, so chill out and craft, especially when your creations are a pretty as this card, I love it, the colours and your design are so fresh and crisp, have a good evening, Kate x

Mrs A. said...

I love the crisp look to your card. The gingham border is just perfect for my current challenge and I spotted the mint green leaves. The blue string bow is a masterpiece of balancing. Now whilst I would really really like to do some housework it would be a total waste of time as I have a Hubby with Extreme OCD and he would simply follow 2 steps behind me undoing and redoing everything I touch. So craft room here I am!! Thankyou for fluttering by my challenge where your card will go into the draw twice. Hugs Mrs A.

Mrs A. said...

P.s. Your link up was going back to an old post in Feb so I have relinked your card correctly so others can find it. Hugs Mrs A.

Barb said...

My sentiment totally - crafting comes first every time. I love your card. The colours look so pretty and I love the gingham frame. It looks perfect for Mrs As challenge.

I looked for your book on their website and could only see the Autumn one. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter. Barbxx

Dr Sonia S V said...

How beautiful the frame you made looks and such a gorgeous image
Thank you for playing at Mrs A's Butterfly Challenge
Guest DT
Dr Sonia

AlisonC said...

This image is so pretty and looks fun to colour. The border great too, always love gingham.
You are definitely not alone, I like things clean but I'd much rather be crafting and very easily get distracted.