Monday, March 21, 2016

As sweet as candy.

Good afternoon and how are you this Monday.  I've had a busy one so far and am just about to start tea.
I have just got time to quickly sneak on here and show you what I had a play with over the weekend.
For Christmas one of my lovely crafty pals, you know who you are, got me this amongst other items.

The book is 5" square just just perfect for 6" square cards.  I bought a few members of my family colouring books and pencils at Christmas, I was so surprised and happy to get one myself too.
Over the weekend I dug out my prisma pencils and had a little play.  I have just added some glitter so before I can finally add to a card I must leave to dry.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I should know better, scratch that I do know better but I could not resist the draw of glitter!
Instead of the finished card today you are getting the a wee sneaky peek at the job so far.

Mmm can you tell what it is yet?
More to be revealed tomorrow.
I have to confess to not having previously owned any Candi so there is a first for everything.

It was food shopping that kept me away from crafting today plus a couple of good dog walks so far.
The boys are now shouting for food so I better get into action.  
More from me tomorrow.


Cara said...

What a fab pressie. The lure of glitter is very strong and I'm sure it will look brilliant when finished. Naughty jobs getting in the way of shopping! Can we complain to someone about this?! Have a relaxing evening, Cara x

Lau W said...

Want to see more !!!!! ;-)

Barb said...

I love glitter too. I had a diary to colour for Christmas. Super presents. I'll be back tomorrow to see more. Barbxx

Carol said...

Hi Erika, finally found some time to myself! Hubby bought me a colouring book but it's too large for cards...I found a postcard size one in New Zealand so hope to find some colouring time soon. Hope you're well. Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, looks lovely, looking forward to seeing the end result.
I bought a lovely LOTV colouring book, but it's too large of cards, and I don't think I've even started it yet, Kate x