Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's Saturday time for a little creative giggle.

It's the weekend and I am off work again, yippee.
That will all soon change though as I am changing my hours next month to add a few more on a permanent basis, still very part-time so plenty of time to craft too.  So all is good.  It will mean however that I only get one full weekend off a month, making it more special as I do get plenty of time during the week too.

On to today and it has become a bit of a trend to have a few creative funny quotes on a Saturday, lightening the load for the weekend and hopefully bring a few smiles too.
Here are my offerings for today.

I don't know about you but I love some of the posts that have come about with the advent of Pinterest.
You know the ones.....where people create their version of something they've viewed and then photograph their attempt with the words "nailed it".  The said photo being nothing at all like the inspirational photo from Pinterest.
With that in mind I saw this and laughed so much I had to share it.

I think it is really funny and very creative.  Who lays on their bed thinking this morning I am going to be a snail?!
There has been many a morning I have felt like a snail but I've never done anything about it.
I love it.

Next when someone admires your work and it's not really your work.  Whoops!  Would you......

Just because I didn't doesn't mean I can't, LOL.  :D
It is true that you can't do everything yourself but I was very much brought up to give anything a blooming good go before admitting defeat.

Finally is this you?

I definitely fall in to this category.
Next time a complaint is made about the state of my craft room I shall be referring back to the above.
You never know when something will come in useful.

That's all from me again today, have a super weekend folks.  I have no plans as yet but I might be going out Saturday night.  A Saturday night!   That doesn't happen very often.
More about that next week.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Sorry not been over for a few days. I love ypur Saturday giggles. Enjoy your weekend and have a good night out x

karenlotty said...

Yay I have my laptop back! I love the funnies today especially the the "Nailed"one. Just about to do my oldie and link up. Enjoy your week end

Barb said...

I enjoyed your Saturday sniggers as always Erika.

So sorry not to have joined in yesterday. I was running late sorting out a card then got a call from a friend with awful news that really rocked me. Barbxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, as usual, great funnies, I relate to the last one, have a lovely weekend, Kate x 😉

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Love the "Snailed it".

Cara said...

Great funnies, love the snail! Cara x