Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How about a little water sports, crafty style of course.

Good afternoon, my morning has just disappeared again, zoom and it was gone.
The dog and I enjoyed our usual walk this morning, it was a bit chilly first thing but it has changed beautifully and is now lovely and sunny.
I had a quick trip into town this morning as my eldest wanted to do some studying at school for his last higher tomorrow.  I took the opportunity to pick up a few essentials from work whilst in the area.
With both boys home at lunch I seem to be fairly going through food at the moment.

On to crafting, today I have a card for you on a sport theme.  I was asked for a kayak on a card for a gentleman who's passion is to paddle in his free time.  Now I don't know about you but I thought a kayak was like the Canadian open boats, on a little investigation it turns out that I was wrong.  As a child we had a kayak but we called it a canoe, which is where my confusion comes from.  What we really had was a kayak, it is the canoe that is open.  You learn something everyday and I am so glad that I did a little investigation first.
Here is my card.

I coloured the kayak and oars with my copies and used snippets of card left from other projects to finish.  The sentiment stamp is by Papertrey ink, Scripted and the lettering was done on my Cricut.

I was really happy with how this kayak has turned out, let's hope the recipient likes it too.

It turns out I have a little kayaker (if that is a word) too.  Apparently my youngest was a whizz in a kayak whilst away recently with the school.  So much so he is wanting to take me out this weekend.  I can't wait!  (LOL, I just love to get wet and cold!)
Watch this space but if my memory serves me correctly, I used to go canoeing after school when I was a teenager and I wasn't a natural!
Give me a sheet of card any day of the week.

Before I go I just wanted to share this link with you.  All I am going to say is WOW can you imagine the fun you could have with these.
I did have a little look at them on the Internet it turns out that they are over a grand to buy!
WOW again.  That's how much it costs to have every colour under the rainbow!
A girl can dream, you can keep your girlie bits and bobs, nice crafty products will always top my basket.


Lau W said...

Erika, this card is just WOW !!! a beautiful creation, very original, congrats !
Oh and the video, omg a dream !!!
Big hugs ! xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, fabulous card, so brilliantly coloured too. These are the style of canoe Alistair has and when he and the boys go for a canoe and teepee weekend it's like a raiding party let loose.
Oh,just fantastic set of art tool, if only, Kate x

Cara said...

Fab card, love the blue water paper. Sadly the video won't open for me, but I don't need anymore ideas! Hope your son's exams go well. I remember having a complete meltdown the night before the second half of my GCSE chemistry exam as I was convinced I'd failed the first half as apparently there was an error on the paper and there was an unsolvable equation which all my friends were talking about afterwards and which I hadn't even noticed. Mum talked me round and I sat the second part and got an A. Looking back I realise how stressful it must have been for my parents, although I was only focused on my own stress at the time. That was a very long winded way of saying I hope you're coping with the exam stress as well as your son! Cara x

Barb said...

A great card Erika. I'm sure it will be perfect for Clem. And yes we do learn something new every day I'm sure. I hope you son did well in his exam yesterday. Barbxx