Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Learning a new craft, workshop time.

Good afternoon and how are you this hump day?
The weather today is a bit grey, as it was yesterday, if only the wind would die down it would be very pleasant.  The dog and I had a lovely breezy walk along the beach this morning and blew away the cobwebs.

This morning I have had my domestic head on making chicken stock from the leftover carcass from yesterday's tea, followed by chicken and vegetable soap.  The eldest boy and I had that for our lunch with some freshly baked bread (I'm not that good, it was part baked from the supermarket, but still tastes as good when you finish off the cooking).
I also vetoed my grey hairs for another few weeks, it's taken years off me!  A quick hair colour is always a wee boost and I managed not to flick it everywhere.
This afternoon I have a little ironing to finish off, lots of shirts, I hate ironing shirts.  Give me trousers or a t-shirt instead, so much easier.  I know lots of folk don't bother ironing, but I like things crisp and sharp, must be the x military training, who says you get brainwashed?
Mind you the way the kids throw the clothes on their floordrobe, (it's like a wardrobe but a lot messier, the floor of their bedrooms.  Apparently it is a teenage thing!) I really do wonder why I bother.
I've had no news from my youngest so I shall take that as good news.  Hubby has taken a day off today to go and surprise him and spend the day with his class in the outdoors, guess who else will be tired when he gets home?
Anyway enough of my waffle you want to see what I made in my two classes?

The first class was with the lovely and very talented Tracey Spurgin, a pair of feather earrings made with silver clay, you can see her website here.
Tracey was a super instruction even telling us the history behind how silver clay came about.  I have to say I was very apprehensive working with the clay as until it is actually fired it just looks like and behaves like regular clay.  It is quite delicate.
Now I don't wear earrings anymore, I haven't worn them since the boys were babies and one of them pulled one out by accident.  I gave up wearing them and have never gone back.  I now find if I try to wear any I end up taking them out after an hour or two as they irritate my ears.
So I asked Tracey could I make my feathers into charms to put on a necklace instead.  (I would finish under my own steam).
Here is the finished result.  I was actually quite chuffed with the outcome.

The feathers are sterling silver.  The top smaller one is made freehand and the larger one was made using a stencil to etch around.
You can see them better here.

The detail was put on by hand and the centre line was piped like icing.
I have finished mine on a silver chain with a swarovski teal crystal until I can source a sterling silver chain and accessories.  At least I can wear it for now.  I also like the idea of changing the crystal, I bought a clear one too but think a nice fresh water pearl would work as well.

My second class was with the lovely sewing ladies from Hochanda and Six Penny Memories, Debbie and Kim, what lovely pair.  I learnt loads and after using their machines and now mine I'm thinking an upgrade may be imminent.  Don't tell hubby!
Now I bought a darning foot for my machine over five years ago with the view to doing something or other.  I can't remember now.  I quizzed the ladies and I now have that and my tooth cover up and running on my machine.  I still need lots and lots of practise and to get my stitch size sussed.
Here is what I made.

I loved the freestyle sewing around the flowers as it doesn't really matter how neat it is, a new concept for me.  Once I realised that and let go, by putting my foot down, I had a whale of a time. The background quilting is SO HARD!  All the stitches are supposed to be the same length and you move the work around yourself to get the pattern.  I really struggled to keep the material in the same position and move without turning.  Old habits die hard but at least I wasn't the only one.
Now I only need to decide what to do with it?
I definitely need more practise and can totally see how addictive it could become.

That's all from me today.  I really enjoyed trying a couple of different crafts whilst at The Knitting and Stitching show, they've just announced the Edinburgh dates for next year.......27th - 30th April 2017.   Whoop, whoop, better get that in the diary then!


Jo said...

Love your necklace Erika, the silver feathers look beautiful matched with a teal crystal.....I do love that colour but they'll definitely look just as good with a pearl. So happy to hear you have floordrobes too but believe lasts much longer than the teenage years lol!
hugs Jo x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, what a beautiful necklace, love the feathers and that little crystal. There really is no end to your talents. Love little bit of sweing too, the flowers are so pretty.

Thanks for mentionng those dates, going to make a note of them, Kate x

Cara said...

Love the silver feathers, so delicate and the embroidery looks fabulous. I'm threatening to get a sewing machine when we move house. I'll just have to take up the skirt I just bought by hand (seriously it's made for a twenty foot tall woman), Very impressed at all your domestic godessness I make my chicken stock in the slow cooker overnight and ironing is minimal, fortunately Hubby doesn't wear shirts for work, just wish my work tunic didn't need ironing. Cara x

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Morning and boy what a lovely blog. YOu have made me feel hungry and its only 9am in the morning!

Great to try new crafts - love the feathers beautiful. And boy you are so lucky to "work" with the Six Penny Memories Ladies. I watch their programmes and have learnt so much...just need to get out the sewing machine now.

Crafty hugs Pen x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Your necklace is beautiful Erika, the detailing on the feathers is very fine. This could be worn with many outfits especially when the colour of the gem/pearl is interchanged - very versatile.
Loved reading about your crafty exploits and classes at the show, it's great to learn new techniques.
I also have to concur with Jo about the floordrobes, definitely not just a teenage thing :/
Have a great day.

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
such a wonderful silver work, and those feathers are super.
Sounds like you had a fab time.
Your sewn flowers are also very lovely too.
I too hate ironing, but also hate not having anything ironed and smooth.
Some people don't iron their sheets, but that is definitely a no, no for me as I love crisp nicely ironed sheets.
I don't even like this new look where the clothing is crumpled or pleated.
I remember when my 3 went to the comprehensive school every Sunday it was iron 12 school shirts for the next week.
Oh how I hated Sundays.
I also hate ironing trousers then as you had to put the dreaded creases in them at least there was only six of them, as the girls in those days wore skirts. LOL.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Carol said...

Love your necklace Erika, it's gorgeous. Well done with the sewing machine too...something I've never mastered! Carol x