Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ahoy there shipmate!

Hello folks and how are you this Thursday?  I hope you are all well?
It is a lovely sunny day here now after the clouds have cleared, time to get off my computer and out in the sunshine instead.

Today I have a CAS card with a nautical theme.
One of my friends in the village has a son, he worked with me over the Christmas rush, who is going through Naval training.  At this present time he is in the middle of basic training in Plymouth.
As I know what that feels like I wanted to send him a wee parcel to let him know I am thinking about him, a few sweeties and a card.
It is the little things whilst going through training that keep your spirits up!

I just wanted a 4" notelet that I could let him know I'm thinking of him and to stick with it.
The sense of achievement at the end of training far outways the pain at the time!

I have embossed and coloured an anchor by Docrafts Ahoy there!  It has then been surrounded by silver card using my circle die cuts with rivets added to look like a port hole.
I am sending him a selection of M & S sweeties, who doesn't like Percy pigs?!*
I am hoping it will make him smile.

I look back on my training now as happy times but I still remember sleeping stood up against the blackboard, pinned by two fella matelots so I didn't fall during a class!
Holding my eyes open with my fingers to stay awake happened on more than one occasion!
I was that tired.
The pain of having blister after blister cut off my feet and covered in iodine.
I didn't know you could get multiple blisters on top of each other.
The black eye I received the first time I was on the firing range with my 5.56 rifle as it hit my glasses which then hit my eye.
As I said before, happy times.  :)
Finally one, a biggie, which was any contact with the outside world, it was gratefully received.
We didn't have e-mails or mobile phones back then, it was snail mail all the way.

That's all from me, my eldest boy is off to work soon so was wanting an early tea.  I better go and get cracking.


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, my goodness your training sounds awful, is that not considered abuse??
Anyway, a lovely thoughtful gesture for this young lad, and it's a super card Kate x

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
what a really brilliant ides this is.
Love the fab design, and I bet he really appreciates your thoughtfulness.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Barb said...

What a lovely idea. Your card is great Erika and I'm sure you friend's son will appreciate your kind thoughts and encouragement. I have to say your training sounds pretty horrendous. Well done you. Barbxx

Patricia said...

Brilliant card, which will be much appreciated.
Have a good day
Patricia x

Cara said...

The perfect card for him, I'm sure it along with the goodies will lift his spirits. Cara x